vodacom 4g

  1. I

    Shocking Service Wakkerstroom

    Over the long weekend we travelled to Wakkerstroom for my 40th birthday. We stayed at the Wetlands Resort and when we arrived I was pleasantly surprised to find that my phone displayed full signal. What transpired was an absolute joke. You could not make calls effectively, sms's did not arrive...
  2. K

    How to report a faulty vodacom tower??

    HOW TO REPORT A FAULTY VODACOM TOWER?? MCC:655 MNC:10 LAC:27008 CID:770305 Radio Type:LTE Latitude: -25.726188 Longitude:28.395854 Range:1574 m 2 measurements Created: 2016-03-21T14:02:31.000Z Updated:2016-02-10T18:15:38.000Z Hi Guys I need your assistance. I have never reported a bad...
  3. R

    Unable to access mobile data : Vodacom

    I am in desperate need of help - I am unable to connect to certain webpages on mobile (currently an iPhone 6+). I cannot for example access vodacom.co.za, but I can get onto bbc.com. I can't get onto facebook.com or news24. I cannot stream on Apple Music. Until recently I could send...
  4. D

    Vodacom Business: Sales Order for Broadband Connect LTE - No delivery

    I have signed up for a new contract on the 30th September 2015, on Vodacom's new Broadband Connect LTE Package, and asked for delivery. On the 14'th October 2015, still no contact from Vodacom, and with repeated telephonic inquire , still not have my router. Mailed them again and still no...
  5. Stevi

    [OLD] Unable to get 4G/LTE? Your SIM needs to be provisioned

    NEW THREAD: https://mybroadband.co.za/vb/showthread.php/870833-Vodacom-LTE-activation-requests Hi All, I upgraded to the Samsung A3 last week, but seem to be having problems getting a 4G connection. The Vodacom assistant did the sim swop to the micro sim, and said all the settings...
  6. B

    Vodacom Broadband Connect Fibre- Observatory Home Connect

    Has anyone had experience of Vodacom Fibre to the Home ? Is it stable ? Does it get congested ? Would you change from Telkom adsl to Vodacom Fibre ?:erm:
  7. Azimuth

    General observations on Vodacom LTE

    I feel like I've stepped over a line into enemy territory by posting here. :p I've long been anti the red team due to poor 3G performance and being unable to cancel my 3GB+3GB data contract. This is quickly changing though! Context: Prior to mid-2012, I only used MTN, trusty old yellow team...