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  1. FGRL

    Vodacom LTE-A vs Cool Ideas FTTH in Century City

    Quite simple one for all the Century City residents!! Which is better in terms of connectivity sustainability and speed tests (costs and “presumed” upload/download not applicable to this conversation).
  2. N

    Programming error on telkom branded router

    Apparently Telkom HAS JUST RELEASED AN UPDATE for Their Huawei B315s-936 Routers. The BUG Was that it caused BAD SIGNAL for vodacom Network BUT NOW THE NEW FIX AND IMPROVEMENTS HAS GIVEN ME 5 Bars signal on the vodacom network 4G. THANK YOU TELKOM ❤️ ❤️ YOU ARE THE BEST!! :D :love:
  3. N

    Lagging on LTE 4 Bars Signal Huawei B315

    Hello MyBroadband i just connected to This Server and i am lagging Hugely. Ockie @ Vodacom Can you please Create A service request i am lagging. Cellphone number of the problem related *** *** ****
  4. N

    Vodacom LTE Speedtest 4 MEGABYTES per Second LTE

    http://install.speedtest.net/app/windows/latest/speedtestbyookla_x64.msi on Steam i Get 4.1 MB/Second downloading from Johannesburg.
  5. N

    LTE Speedtest with Vodafone R216 MiFi Router 2 Bars Signal

    http://install.speedtest.net/app/windows/latest/speedtestbyookla_x64.msi Windows App.
  6. O

    Can government shutdown the Internet?

    I just read about DRC internet being shutdown, and I remember in Brazil Whatsapp was also blocked. How do government do this? Can it happen to us here in South Africa? Just curious.
  7. F

    has anyone heard of Smartcom

    they are a reseller of vodacom { http://www.smartcom.co.za } they offer 100 gigs mobile data with a HUAWEI HG659 LTE Router has anyone had experience with isp are they a good reliable isp? i found pictures of the LTE Router provided by SmartCom it has a Dongle connected to it. The HUAWEI...
  8. SeaSickMama

    Vodacom Business LTE

    I have currently got he Vodacom business LTE deal which i got last year 40GB+40GB(Free) for 24 months at R649 pm. I have noticed something new that once you have used your cap they give you the option to keep using internet but at a slower speed. When i try and activate that it just never works...
  9. Kevin Lancaster

    Vodacom LTE-Advanced arrives in more areas – details

    Vodacom LTE-Advanced arrives in more areas – details Vodacom has rolled out its LTE-Advanced service to more sites in the Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal, offering speeds of up to 100Mbps.
  10. M

    iPhone 6s Plus Model for Vodacom LTE

    Hi Guys I am looking into getting an iPhone from the US, does anyone know which model will play nice with Vodacom LTE? Here is a list Model A1687 Model A1634 Model A1699 (GSM) Model A1699 (CDMA)
  11. L

    iPhone 5s show "No Service" most of the time on Vodacom LTE

    I got my new iPhone 5s on 16/01/2014. My excitement was soon dampened. The phone showed " no servive" most of the time. You had to swich it off and on to get service again. Being a medical doctor this was an huge fustration. I eventually phoned Vodacom's 155 number. The consultant admiited...
  12. jes

    Vodacom boosts LTE speed

    Vodacom boosts LTE speed Vodacom is upgrading its LTE network to boost the peak speeds to consumers with MIMO technology
  13. M

    Vodacom Speed Test & Results: speed.vodacom.co.za & speedtest.net

    Hi Forumites!!! There are many members that wonder how their Vodacom Wireless connection performs in comparison with other Wireless Broadband users. If you have some spare time please do the Telkom speed test and give your area and tower you logon to, aslo state if you are using GPRS, EDGE or...