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    Vodacom - Unanswered calls not going through to voicemail

    Please help! Unanswered calls just get cut off after 15 sec of ringing, it does not divert to voicemail. I have contacted customer care so many times already - every time they say it is sorted, just for me to find out it is not. I do not know what to do anymore. My mailbox has been set up. I...
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    Voice Mail Quandry

    I received a voice message requesting a call-back but no number was left. When I use MTN's callback function it says the number I have dailed in incorrect, please check the number and try again. Is there any way on MTN to see what number left you the message?
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    Voicemail password reset

    Hey. I have been unable to access my voicemail for more than a month. It keeps asking me to enter my password and I have no idea what it is. Can anyone tell me how to reset my password, please? My service provider is MTN.
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    Checking Cell C voicemail from another phone

    Hi, Is it possible to check Cell C voicemail from another phone ? I found instructions from about two years ago that say either: 084 13 (last seven digits of my number), or 084 144 (last seven digits of my number) The first gives me an error, the second seems to do the correct thing...
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    SMS Roamer and retrieving voicemails

    In order to retrieve voicemails while roaming one has to dial +27 82 14 ....then the last 9 digits of your number (aka your number minus the first 0) and quickly press 1 while you hear your voicemail message. Easy enough, but if you have not set up your voicemail pin, you are stuffed. So, is...
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    MTN Voicemail Diverts - Roaming Scam?

    Hello Just out of interest, how many MTN subscribers here have noticed that the voicemail diverts can't be cancelled? You enter the ##002# or ##62# (or other code) or use the phone menu to cancel the diverts, it comes up with a message that it was successfully done, and when you check the...
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    Getting loads of voice messages, losing reception!

    Hi Guys, I currently have an iPhone 3gs (05.11.07 baseband) running the latest v3.1.2 firmware on the Vodacom network. FIRSTLY: I have noticed that on occassion my phone loses 3G reception, and drops down to EDGE, and then GPRS, and then ALL TOGETHER ... for about 30 seconds, and then gets...
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    Voicemail to SMS

    Voicemail to SMS
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    Virgin Mobile iPhone voicemail settings?

    I have recently changed from MTN to Virgin and when i don't answer the phone, when it rings out, it just says "Call error" and the person calling isn't given the option to leave a message. Does anybody know the #number* combination that i need to type in to set it to go to voice mail, and...