1. E

    Luno Additional Crypto Options

    Which additional crypto's would you trade if Luno were to add it? Probably nothing will come of it, but would like to see the interest. Currently only the other 3 'Top 5' on the poll. Link To Poll
  2. MickeyD

    How to vote (on the day)

    Welcome to my guide to the voting process. 1: Obviously you must be registered to vote. 2: Find your correct voting station. You can check here: 3: The voting stations are open from 7am to 7pm on Wednesday, 3...
  3. C

    SA Film / Advert entry makes top 25 in International Doritos Contest - Please support

    A South African entry has made the top 25 for the first time in the international Doritos "Crash the Superbowl" 2013 film contest: Two PE filmmakers, Brett Gieseke and Kevin Meiring, using only a Canon 5D DSLR and a makeshift green screen - conceptualised...
  4. Razoweb

    Vote & Win Starcraft II heart of the Swarm Collectors Edition

    Hey guys. You can win StarCraft II Heart of the Swarm Collectors edition. How do you win? Simply follow the steps below and you will be entered into the comp. Best of luck and happy surfing RazoWeb Team
  5. C

    Vending Machine Scam - your vote needed

    The Sowetan reports on entrepreneurs who claim that PK Vending took their money and never delivered their vending machines. Read the article at : Now here's one for you to vote on... A. Entrepreneurs who are so easily ripped off...
  6. C

    At least 80 000 expats to vote

    This will be an interesting election. Especially after Sanco in the W Cape is now backing Cope.
  7. Peon

    Thee Fail of the year !1!1!

    I bawled out laughing bordering on tears. Observe the poll, lets see how bad it goes. EDIT: Lazy of me not providing a live link...
  8. medicnick83

    Voting Registeration

    Okay, so who is going to do the whole voting registeration thing this weekend (8th & 9th) ? I'm going with my girlfriend to register - because of where I live, I'll be doing it at St Cyprians school. To be honest, I've never really been bothered but it is a experience I have to admit that...
  9. B

    Independent Electoral Commission's Stone-Age Website

    Hi guys, Have you noticed how the IEC's website ( doesn't allow users of non-microsoft products in? I think that for an organisation that is supposed to be absolutely neutral it is very unfair to only allow a certain subset of users in, especially considering that...