1. W

    [S] XBOX One X

    Item: XBOX One X and 2x XBOX Controllers Age: 3 years? Bought on release Price: R5000 Warranty: No Packaging: Yes Condition: Excellent working condition Location: Cape Town Reason: Upgrade to Series X Shipping: On buyer Collection: Yes XBOX One X in perfect working and physical condition. Comes...
  2. Jamie McKane

    Xbox Series S and X delivery delays on the cards for South Africa

    Xbox Series S and X delivery delays on the cards for South Africa Deliveries for the new Xbox Series X and S gaming consoles may be delayed when ordering from certain retailers in South Africa. This is according to Prima Interactive, the distributor of Xbox consoles in South Africa, which said...
  3. A

    Xbox games for Sale

    Items: Xbox Games Age: no idea Condition: Very good condition Shipping: Yes on you Collection: Yes Area: Benoni Price: (Xbox One) Battlefield Hardline - R150 (Xbox One) FIFA 18 - R200 (Xbox One) Star Wars Battlefront - R200 (Xbox One) Titanfall - R150 (Xbox 360) Prince of Persia - R50...
  4. A

    Xbox series X @13,999 and series S @8,999 - Takealot increasing pricing again

    You guys think this is right?
  5. Canan

    ATLAS - Sea Plague Pirates are Recruiting for PVP EU Shark's Frenzy

    We also do custom in-game Sails for all members!:
  6. N

    PS5 or XBox Series X

    Hi there, just looking to see which way people are leaning with the new generation of consoles coming out. I've pretty much had the wrong console for the last two generations.... PS3 and XBox One.
  7. Jamie McKane

    The best PC, PlayStation, and Xbox games launching soon

    The best PC, PlayStation, and Xbox games launching soon South African gamers who are stuck at home during the 21-day lockdown and looking for new games to play during this period of isolation - look no further. There are several high-quality games that are set to launch during the lockdown period.
  8. S

    Looking for good South African based players wanting to team up & enjoying Warzone

    Looking for good South African based players wanting to team up & enjoying Warzone Hi Iam looking for good South African based players playing and enjoying Warzone, ( indoors gaming because of a global pandemic of course ;) Requirements : - Your Warzone level must be above 100 preferred 155...
  9. GreatWmR

    The Next Gen Xbox

  10. G

    What type of tv do I buy for next gen consoles?

    This might be a very stupid question:notworthy:, but my current tv won't be up-to-standard with the next gen of Xbox. I am currently gaming on my Xbox One, on a normal tv that supports HDMI. Ideally I'd like a smart tv, with epic graphics that my next gen console will thrive on. I did a little...
  11. W

    Return policies for xbox one game discs bought in the past 3 months that are defective

    Just got my first console late july xbox one x and early august my first game Red Dead Redemption 2 , I started leaving the disc in the xbox because I had no other game discs to swap out and thought this was ok as I have left discs in drives before on my pc with no incidences for new discs...
  12. E

    Cyberpunk Xbox/PS

    So cyberpunk 2077 comes out in April next year. From what I can tell Xbox 2 and PS5 come out AFTER the game. So I have to buy an xbox one x between now and then because it has the best graphics ? is that right ?
  13. J

    Mini Bluetooth Keyboard

    #1 Item: Mini bluetooth keyboard Age and condition: Very good condition Do you include packaging: None Warranty: No Reason for selling: Cleaning house Price: 100 Negotiable: No Location: Sunninghill Shipping or collection: Shipping at own cost. Prefer collection. Mini Bluetooth Keyboard with...
  14. J

    DSTV NOW on Xbox One?

    Is there anyway how one can watch Dstv now on a xbox one? Please help.
  15. Mr G

    Xbox One 500gb with 2 Controllers & 6 games (incl. FIFA 18)

    In excellent condition. Only serious buyers can PM me Item name (be very descriptive): Xbox One 500gb Age and condition: approximately 15 months Do you include packaging: Yes - original packaging Warranty: No Reason for selling: Haven't played in ages, no more use for the console Price: R3200 -...
  16. Koosie

    Xbox One 500GB

    Item name : Xbox One 500GB + 2X Wireless Controllers + Dual Controller Charging Dock Extra Info: Battlefield Hardline included as digital download, also various games that I have downloaded you just need a valid Xbox Live Sub Age and condition: 2 Years and 1 Month, excellent condition not used...
  17. Jamie McKane

    Xbox doubles its number of video game studios

    Xbox doubles its number of video game studios Xbox previewed a flurry of new titles and deals with studios as the video-gaming division of Microsoft Corp. looks to compete more intensely with Sony Corp.’s PlayStation and a resurgent Nintendo Co. The new products, announced Sunday at the...
  18. H

    Removing jTag on Xbox 360 #AskingForAFriend

    Hey guys, My friend bought an Xbox 360 60GB HDD that was jTagged(he can't connect to Xbox Live or the internet and it has funny skins on's a mess). Is there a way to remove that software so it can just be a normal Xbox 360?
  19. M

    Xbox Controller

    Hi Guys, Item wanted (be very descriptive): Xbox One controller with 3.5mm jack Is packaging essential?: not really but preferable Desired age and condition: working Location: JHB Willing to accept a shipped item: dont mind but collection preferred
  20. C

    Guilty for selling my Xbox to a Noob

    Hi All I feel a bit guilty after selling my Xbox One recently. I used gumtree and after a few days got a call from a guy who was interested and wanted to come check it out the same day. We negotiated a price and he came to my place to check it out. I even plugged it in and connected a screen...