1. S

    XBOX One Power Supply [W]

    Item wanted (be very descriptive): XBOX One Power Supply unit Is packaging essential?: No Desired age and condition: Not fussed, as long as it works Location: JHB/PTA Willing to accept a shipped item: Yes (Price Dependent)
  2. TysonRoux

    Xbox One - use free digital download or buy game

    My son's 360 S died and we got a good deal on an Xbox One with three 'Free' games, however those games are digital download. My son only has a Telkom mobile data connection and it has already cost a good deal of data (money) for the Day One box update and each game install along with the 10GB...
  3. D

    Console Indecisiveness

  4. F

    Looking for the Best Surround Sound System

    I'm wondering what's the Best System for a decent price , I'm a gamer but also sometimes Max the volume to listen to music, I'd say i have a budget of 3K-5K...less would be welcome I also want the system to have Optical Inputs for my console to play good high quality sound, If possible plz link...
  5. K


  6. joppenheim

    Recommended cross-platform MMORPG's?

    Hi there Can anybody recommend a decent cross-platform shared-environment multiplayer RPG or massive multiplayer online RPG for PC/PS3/PS4/XBOX? My son and I are fans of the Elder Scrolls series and I understand the current Elder Scrolls online do offer PC & PS4 MMORPG but not a shared...
  7. F

    Rugby Challenge 3 discussion

    Reminder: I am bad at english. Rugby Challenge 3 is finally coming to South Africa 22 April. Lets use this thread to talk about all the features in this game. In be a pro i am going to be a flanker or a wing or center. Lets hope this will be better than Rugby 15. For those who don't know...
  8. 6

    XBOX One Owners?

    What is your Favorite Game so far? What are you Currently Playing? What Would you Rate it? What is your next game? And why?
  9. S

    Call Of Duty BO2 Servers Down??

    Hi guys as per the website the servers are down been trying to get online for 2 hours now Xbox (360) Live is online.:mad:
  10. P

    How to watch Netflix, Supersport Streaming and/or Hulu on a non-Smart TV?

    Evening everyone Need some help here. I have an HD LED TV with HDMI capabilities. Actually it's a good TV (LG), but it's not that smart. Therefore I need to do some workarounds to get a streaming service up and running. I have an unshaped 4mbps line next to the TV and I'm looking into the...
  11. L

    Information on PS4/Xbox One - Getting NAT Type 3 down to NAT Type 2

    Hi guys, I don't know whether this information has been posted yet, but I thought since I have the info, I should share it with those who may need it and since I couldn't find good sources, I thought that this may help. This is for those of you that use mobile broadband connections to connect...
  12. Inky1980

    XBOX One owners - Are you happy with your choice?

    I currently own a Xbox 360 (no Kinect), but it has become very clear that I will need to "get with it" and upgrade to the new current gen. My friends have all gone the PS 4 route, and seem happy. I however have a wife who is keen to give the Kinect thing a go, and is willing to half on a Xbox...
  13. D

    Mweb 4mbps Premium Uncapped and Gaming

    Hi Guys On a bit of a budget and Im really looking for an ISP who can support my Heavy downloads and Xbox Live and PSN and all the streaming from YT and twitch. The Mweb 4mbps Premium Uncapped really looks good for me?! I use roughly 200GB a month and I'm asking about the premium account...
  14. D

    ISP for gaming and heavy bandwidth

    Hi Guys I have been looking around for an ISP to provide VDSL at the best price on a capped account. I have no idea who to choose, i have switched from mweb to affrights to crystal web on a 10mbs line capped accounts put my latency on Xbox Live is so poor. I heavily Stream from youtube...
  15. S

    Xbox 360 Phat Flashing

    Hi All, I have been scouring the internet (Gumtree/Junkmail) for someone who could flash my Xbox 360 Phat. Please send me the details if you know of someone in Fourways or Krugersdorp. As you will see from my profile is that I'm quite new here. SO please excuse for any mistakes that...
  16. J

    [S] Xbox 360 500 Gb w/ 2x Controllers, 2x Games + Charging Dock

    Item name: Xbox 360 250Gb Console (apologies for the thread title misinformation) Age and condition: 2 Years, Good condition Do you include packaging: Yes (except for the charging bay) Warranty: No Reason for selling: Started focusing more on studies and work so no time for gaming...
  17. E

    [Sale] Xbox One Kinect

    * Item being sold: Kinect * Location: Pretoria/Centurion * Who will handle shipping costs: You but 1st option goes to someone who collects/meetup * Selling price: R1800 * Reason for selling: Not playing * How old is the product: less than a year
  18. D

    Xbox One or PS4

    Advice please gamers. My son has a Sony Vita and I am considering the PS4 due to its compatibility with the Vita. I also want a media centre which I can use for Netflix. Would the Sony be a better option or the Xbox One?
  19. H

    Xbone ping issues

    Heya, Running 4mbps line on Afrihost, 150gb cap. Chose capped so that I could get good speeds. However, on my Xbox One I'm getting a ping of 310-350ms, which is pretty crappy. Even tried plugging it in to the router instead of wireless and it didn't make much difference. Makes Halo...
  20. K

    Xbox-one online gaming experience

    I have been wondering how you are finding the Xbox one online gaming experience and which games are worthwhile playing online for you. I have played C.O.D AW online and I am sometimes/mostly lagging like crazy, Titanfall was OK, I never get any multiplayer sessions with Dragon Age, but when I...