1. C

    [S] Xbox 360 Slim

    Item: Xbox 360 4gb edition slim Specs: Xbox 360 with three controllers Age: +- 2 years Warranty: None Condition: Barely used, flashed (so it can play copies). The Guitar hero controller's connect button doesn't work anymore (I think you can click it if you open the thing up, the button just...
  2. Kevin Lancaster

    Microsoft shuts Xbox Entertainment Studios

    Microsoft shuts Xbox studios Microsoft has confirmed that its studio devoted to original television programmes for Xbox consoles will be shuttered
  3. QuintonB

    Digital tax in SA: who's charging more?

    Digital VAT in SA: who pays? South Africa now requires companies to collect VAT on digital goods and services sold here, but which international companies do?
  4. 6

    Xbox 360 License Transfer

    Hi Guys, So I recently started playing Xbox 360. I quite enjoy it to be honest.(And I am a PC Gamer)ssssshhhh.. Anyway. What I was wondering. a Friend of mine have been playing for quite some time now, he convinced me to buy some games, and now he wants to 'borrow' them with a License...
  5. T

    How to stream your desktop audio to your devices (including XBOX 360)

    So I had this problem a while ago where I wanted to stream some audio to my XBOX 360 where my sound system is - which is in another room. Sure, there are lots of ways to stream your music library (some of which are explained in this forum), but I recently discovered Spotify, and the radio...
  6. jes

    Xbox vs PlayStation: next-gen console battle heats up

    Xbox vs PlayStation: console battle heats up, revival looms A clash of titans is shaping up, with the gaming industry hoping new consoles can boost the market
  7. jes

    Going (Micro)soft: no more glory

    Going a bit (Micro)soft Microsoft’s glory days are behind it, and its days of making investors into millionaires are long gone, writes Alistair Fairweather
  8. jes

    Microsoft restructures with focus on devices, services

    Microsoft restructures with focus on devices, services Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer says he is streamlining the software and media company around devices and services in its first major overhaul in five years.
  9. K

    Separate ISP for Xbox and work on one router.

    I saw a post for a PS3 but nothing on an Xbox. My landlord has a D-Link DSL-2750U router that he uses for his office. How do I set up a separate account on the same router to run an xbox off it? Been struggling for hours and even managed to lock the router on Support mode. Any help will...
  10. jes

    Microsoft to bring Xbox, PC games to Apple, Android phones: report

    Microsoft to bring Xbox, PC games to Apple, Android phones: report Microsoft will offer its console and computer games for Apple's iPhone and other smartphone platforms this year
  11. C

    Xbox wireless controller for PC

    I have a Xbox with the controllers, but as I understand it the cables you get with are only for charging and not for use on a PC. So I have two questions. 1: what do I need to use the remotes on my PC? 2: Where can I purchase it? (suggestions) Thanx in advance
  12. QuintonB

    Microsoft wins a round in Google patent case

    Xbox didn’t violate Google patent: ITU Microsoft Corp won a round in a complex patent war on Thursday when the International Trade Commission said the company’s popular Xbox entertainment system did not violate a patent owned by Google subsidiary Motorola Mobility.
  13. jes

    New Xbox more than a game console for Microsoft

    New Xbox more than a game console for Microsoft Microsoft is set to make a splash this week with the eagerly awaited unveiling of its new Xbox game console
  14. E

    First Generation Xbox Games

    So I recently bought a first generation xbox and I'm looking for sites that i can download games from. Preferably torrents as I'm having a little trouble downloading directly from websites. 1000 internets to anyone who can help:D
  15. E

    First Generation Xbox

    Anyone know where i can find a first generation xbox for sale? Already tried gumtree, OLX, Takealot, Kalahari and Bid Or Buy with no luck. Any help will be much appreciated.
  16. M

    Call of Duty XBOX Live

    Hey All I got tired of searching the forum and coming up empty so I decided to post. Okay so I just wanted to know if there was any way to lower my ping to the call of duty servers as after playing with some other South Africans the game was alot easier and I actually managed to get a decent...
  17. M

    ADSL and Xbox Gaming

    Hi All, I took a quick look around and didn't really see any posts that were relavent or from the last few seconds so I thought I'd ask. At the moment I have a 4mb uncapped account with one of the various ISPs, when I play online games on my Xbox the latency seems to be averagely high say...
  18. H

    Xbox 360 Hard Drive Transfer Cable

    I cant find an Xbox 360 Hard Drive Transfer Cable at any store in the Fourways area which has stock. Any suggestions where i can find one?
  19. IanM

    Xbox Live region change

    Hi I'm currently registered with a USA account but want to switch to SA, because of the fact that there's rumors going around that MS is going to scrap MS-points and all transactions will be billed directly to the credit card. Now I have tried several times to do this with my SA card, but it...
  20. J

    Microsoft debuts Xbox Music

    Microsoft Xbox Music debuts Microsoft has announced Xbox Music, which will bring a music streaming to the video game console from Tuesday