1. S

    Sell me an XBOX

    Go for it :) The story for those interested: I'm a salesman at Incredible Connection and seeing as some money has FINALLY come my way and I like to spend money :D I thought why not get an Xbox. Last console I had was a PS2, oh and a WII for stuffing around. I'm more of a computer gamer so...
  2. K

    Xbox LIVE: COD - Zombies, Ascension Map (Looking for SA players)

    Hi Gents, I am looking for local COD players who are familiar with Zombies, Ascension Map and want to try level up as much as possible, looking at getting to Level 80, the highest at the moment is Level 74. Unfortunately playing online I have found most guys quit or if they host, end the...
  3. J

    anyone know of a cheap copy of xbox 360 beatles rockband somewhere? (cape town area)

    anyone know of a cheap copy of xbox beatles rockband somewhere? game looks awesome and ive been to the cash crusaders in the area, but nothing :(
  4. T

    Xbox live free weekend coming up

    there's a xbox live free weekend coming up in a couple of days (26 november - 29 november) and i wondered if anyone wanted to jam some virtua fighter 5 or rockstar table tennis online with me during this period. post here or pm me if you're keen. also, feel free to use this thread to arrange...
  5. W

    Unable to connect to any Black Ops lobby

    Hi everyone. This is my first post here, so please excuse if I am posting to the wrong forum/category. I bought Black ops for my XBOX last week, but have not been able to find a single lobby. My game just sits on the connecting screen, telling me there are "50 available sessions, checking game...
  6. rpm

    Xbox Live

    Xbox - LIVE and Let Die Xbox LIVE has arrived in South Africa – but at what cost? Literally, I mean
  7. rpm

    PC gaming isn't dead

    PC gaming isn't dead: AMD CEO AMD head-honcho, Dirk Meyer, explains why the PC is doing better than ever
  8. rpm

    Xbox 360 Kinect reviews

    Xbox 360 Kinect review roundup Reviewers agree that Kinect won't capture the core gamer market
  9. rpm

    Xbox LIVE arcade: The best our there

    Xbox LIVE arcade's be The 100% incontestable, incontrovertible, indisputable list
  10. S

    Xbox live

    Hi guys, I want to buy the halo reach limited edition slim console, but read this article now in this article it states: "If you buy any Xbox console, you will be able to purchase...
  11. rpm

    Xbox Live SA: pricing and launch specials

    Xbox Live South Africa: pricing and launch specials explained Microsoft SA reveals launch specials to “ease the pain” of local inflation
  12. R

    Media Center PC and Xbox 360 on same speakers?

    We have a Media Center PC, and an Xbox in the living room. Now, at the moment we have the 5.1 Logitech speaker setup (X540), and every time I want to play on the Xbox, I have to unplug the green jack from the PC, and into the Xbox with the supplied 3.5mm to RCA connector thingy. Is there a...
  13. RazedInBlack

    PlayStation Move vs Microsoft Kinect

    Move: The glowing orb on the end of the Move controller can be tracked within a millimeter of its position. Not just on a 2D plane but distance too – the larger that orb appears to the PS Eye camera the closer the PlayStation knows it is. And any time the camera can't see the orb, those sensors...
  14. E

    When will the Xbox360 S land in SA?

    I was just wondering when we will be able to buy the Xbox 360 S and the Kinect kit in SA?
  15. G

    XBox 360 - No power for wireless adapter

    I’ve recently bought a new 802.11n USB wireless adapter. When I plug it into my Xbox360, the light on the adapter doesn’t turn on (that is: no power). The adapter works perfectly on any PC, and I tried a bunch of other USB devices on my Xbox (including an old wireless adapter) and everything...
  16. RazedInBlack

    Racing: Blure Vs Split/Second Velocity

    Ok! Besides GT5 being released in November 2010, theres two new racers that are out now. Split/Second Velocity Blur Anyone bought either titles? If you did, how are the controls, gameplay etc?
  17. S

    To XboX or Not to Xbox

    Hi, I own a PS3, WII, and a PC. But, want to get an xbox aswell, Well, i've seen rumors on the net about the new xbox coming out in the next year or 2. Should i wait or what???
  18. G

    XFPS (keyboard & Mouse) for Xbox 360

    I've done some reading on the XFPS controller for the Xbox 360 that allows you to connect a keyboard/mouse to your Xbox. 50% of the people think it's an unbelivable product, the other 50% thinks it's a bunch of crap. Does anyone own such a controller/converter or used one before? Can...
  19. T

    AKAMAI Local servers, XBOX Live downloads at 3.5mbps

    Greetings. I recently noticed a ping to, yields 33ms responses from any one of my ADSL accounts. I also noticed that certain content coming down from XBOX LIVE is in fact running at the same speed I get when doing a local speedtest - roughly 3.5mbps Comparing this to...
  20. M

    XBOX LIVE Friends

    Howzit guys, So i got my XBOX 360 on Sunday, and i absolutely love it. I am a G.O.W. fanboy, but i need some friends to play it with, all the friends i have on XBL arent really that much into GOW/GOW2. If there are any other GOW fans out there who need an extra player please let me know. Thanx