1. D

    So what Xbox 360 games do you own?

    Ag, I'm in the mood for some listmania so here goes... Arcade Games = None :o (only XBLA game I actually want is Omega 5) Games I own and will never sell/swap (I keep the ones I like and sell the ones I dislike). 1.) Sega SuperStar Tennis (Got it free with the box and I actually like...
  2. D

    err...what is this? and why the price?
  3. S

    Xbox 360 or graphics card?

    Hi I need some help choosing. Im about to spend alot of money on a graphics card and i realised i could probably get an xbox for that price. Can anyone help me make a choice?
  4. Iwojima

    Importing Console Games (beat the price increase)

    Many foreign sites are offering prices on console games that are much cheaper than what has been projected that SA gamers will be paying in 2009 (even with shipping charges factored in). This thread serves as a guide for those wanting to avoid the recent increase and import games instead...
  5. D

    Seems like new game pricing has begun

    Seems like the expensive price virus has started to infect online stores. Fable 2 Suggested Price: R 999 Our Price: R 897 Too Human Suggested Price: R 999 Our Price: R 897 Lost Odyssey Suggested Price: R 999 Our Price: R 897 Hey, wait...I'm seeing a pattern here :mad:
  6. D

    Merry Xmas

    I was planning on posting this in the off topic section but since I'm here 99% of the time it makes more sense. Anywayz....Merry Christmas all the MyBB console fanboys, friends, and even you fnucknut under what alias you might be. Just remember ..... ps3 still sucks :p:p:D Have a great one!
  7. D

    Xbox/PS3...Sega Genesis fans rejoice

    Well if you're a fan of Sega Genesis and own one of the next gen platforms you're in for a treat in 2009 Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection includes... Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle Alien Storm Altered Beast Beyond Oasis Bonanza Bros. Columns Comix Zone Decap Attack starring...
  8. D

    So err...Who's using Xbox Live Silver

    Well as the title says...anybody here using Silver? The reason why I ask is because 1.) I'm kinda broke and can't go for Gold right know and even if I could I'm not really into online gaming (hey people differ :P and 2.) My friends list looks extremely empty! I'm on basically everyday...
  9. D

    DarkWater reveals his hidden gaming closet

    OK...I'm not going get all PS3 vs Xbox here. I'm actually going to tell you what I hate about my heard right...I'm going to diss my OWN hardware, but before we get to that let's start at the beginning. All these years I've been a fan of Sega, Nintendo and PS consoles. Nintendo...
  10. D

    X-Play Best of '08 awards - GOTY

    X-Play Best of 2008 Winners Game of the Year: Fable II Most Original Game: Braid Best Gameplay Innovation: LittleBIGPlanet Best Multiplayer Game: Left 4 Dead Best Action/Adventure Game: Metal Gear Solid 4 Best Sports Game: Madden NFL 09 Best Shooter: Left 4 Dead Best RPG: Fallout 3 Best...
  11. D

    My little Xbox game engine discussion

    This is something I've been pondering about for quite some time now and so I've decided to start a little discussion about it just 2 see what you folks think. The past couple of weeks I've been playing Fallout 3 and Fable 2 which is really fun but there's this one thing that bugs me. It seems...
  12. D

    Xbox controller left analog stick..err..stick

    Well it seems like my left analog stick sometimes gets stuck when I move it left. My character/car/action will just keep on going left even though I'm not pressing anything :( Thing is...I bought the unit from CNA and their policy is that all Xbox related faults will NOT be handled instore...
  13. T

    Want to buy xbox

    Anybody know of good deals on the go at the moment?
  14. D

    To have Xbox or friends...or not to have

    Well I've been pondering about this for quite some time now... I don't really play games online but would still like the option to do so when the urge come along. Then there's all these Xbox achievements you can only unlock online (such as Fable 2) yeah... But there seems to be cons...
  15. D

    Has anybody here used before

    There's some items I want to order from them...just want to know if their items are indeed new and sealed and obviously how their service is :)
  16. D

    Does console gaming demo CD's still exist?

    I still remember the good old days when I could walk into paperweight/CNA and buy one of those official PS magazines @ R14 :) The thing is almost every issue came with a demo disc so you could play a little preview of the latest titles. I still remember some discs had up to 10 demos..awesome...
  17. D

    Dear Valante...

    Dear Valante I come to you with a question and all I ask in return is for you to be honest. So here goes.... Are you the f**cker who rated almost all the xbox stuff on Take 2 with low marks and strangely enough under all the Valante's is a 360F user (might be u 2) that also does the...
  18. rpm

    PS3 vs Xbox 360

    PS3 vs Xbox 360
  19. J

    help:-(!!! XBOX 360 or PS3???

    Sorry, I'm sure your'll have seen a thread like this a million of times, but I need your unbiased opinion... I wanna buy a new gaming console. Which would be the best console to buy. The XBOX 360 or PS3???:confused: I was leaning towards the XBOX 360, but its been out for awhile already...
  20. rpm

    Free games with Xbox 360

    Free games with Xbox 360