1. L

    An Xbox 360 Slim wishlist

    So I done an article on some features we'd like to see in a slim version of the 360. Yeah, didn't mean to sound like a shameless plug. But what would you like to see in a slim? I know this sounds like a pipe dream but wouldn't the ability...
  2. R

    XBox Live latency with recent uncapped offerings

    I was wondering if anybody who plays games on XBox live can share their experience with some of the newer cheap uncapped offerings from the likes of MWeb, Afrihost, etc. What is the latencies like when playing games hosted on servers overseas? Where overseas are you playing (US, UK)? Also...
  3. R

    adsl wireless router/modem?

    hi everyone im a noob when it comes to adsl, ive only ever had 3g so if i get the R99 deal from WA ill be moving to adsl i will be getting a adsl line from telkom soon so just wanna get my ducks in a row but im not sure what equipment i need, i read through a couple of threads and still...
  4. X

    MediaCentre on Linux?

    Are there any Emulators or equivalent 'media centre' type applications I could use on Linux that would enable me to connect to my Xbox? Or/and just turn my PC into a standard media PC with Linux? I do not have Linux and haven't tried it yet but am interested in it but still weighing the pros...
  5. S

    Xbox Mod & Paint - How much would you pay?

    YOU DONT HAVE TO SAY THE MOST YOU WOULD PAY BUT SAY WHAT WOULD BE REASONABLE and NOT just the cheapest! Hi guys, I am gonna mod my xbox soon. With a window, mutli-color paint job, window, LED Fans and my controllers. If all goes to plan and it turns out how I am expecting I will do it...
  6. Tpex


    A Ctrl-Alt_delete comic from 05/02/2005
  7. P

    Xbox - Green hue followed by video output loss

    Last night I was working my way through Point Lookout in Fallout, when the video quality became poor, with a distinct green color. I restarted the console, to find that I have lost all video output! I still retain audio though. At the time I was using a HDMI cable, so I decided to try my AV...
  8. S

    Advice required: PS3 or XBox

    Hey guys. I plan to buy a gaming console in the coming weeks, and I don't know whether to go for the new PS3 Slim, or the XBox 360 Elite. Without starting a flame war, could you please provide me with the advantages and disadvantages of both platforms, in your opinion. Please don't diss other...
  9. K

    2100 Microsoft Points (Xbox 360 Live Points)

    Hi All, Like a fool, rushing in, I purchased UK Xbox Live Points. I originally setup my gamertag in the US, and in fact would prefer to keep it there, so UK points are useless to me! I am selling 2100 UK Xbox Live Points for; R150 if anyone is interested, please send me a private...
  10. K

    Out with the old, In with the new?

    While I was in the US (2006-2008), I bought myself a Xbox 360 Pro console; NTSC 20GB HDD Wireless Connector 2 Controls Wireless Guitar +20 Games I decided to bring my Xbox 360 back with me to SA but knew that I would have to get an AC Power Adapter and that when/ if I wanted to buy...
  11. blaaislaai

    Guitar hero package, what console?

    Hey dudes and dudettes, I'm looking for a full Guitar hero package, this would be the drums and the guitar included with the console. Does something like this exist? And then, I would like to know from you, what would be the best console to play Guitar hero on? Xbox360 or Wii ? Or even...
  12. D

    Controller Alternative

    Hi everyone.. If you are planning on buying a USB controller for your PC, think again. If you have a PS1/PS2/PS3 XBox or any otehr controller you should be able to hook it up to your PC.. I have a PS2, there were no more AV ports free on the TV because of the Wii, hard drive recorder etc. So...
  13. D

    Argh...Xbox HDTV shopping is hard

    I've been reading up on all this stuff for months now and I still can't decide how to proceed. There's just some stuff that I find confusing etc. Problem 1: My budget I have an extremely small room and budget so the biggest and best I can do is 32". Currently I'm looking at the Sinotech...
  14. P

    What do you think about onlive?

    I know I mentioned this in another thread earlier, but this is probably the thread to add it to... What do you guys think of this new product, - In essence, you can stream any game you want and play it on your tv or computer, without having to buy the game itself or a...
  15. S

    XBox with no ring of light

    Brand new Jasper Xbox 360. Controller worked out-the-box. Tried to associate a second controller, but then realised that the ring of light on the console shows NO light. So the second controller would not associate. Tried to re-associate the original controller, and that failed. Now I have 2...
  16. D

    So I'm thinking of buying Guitar Hero

    I've been checking out Guitar Hero video, reviews, forums and screenshots out the pas couple of weeks and I'm thinking of buying it on the 25th. I'm not really into that kind of music but some of the songs do appeal to me and rhythm games have always been something I liked. I'm looking at the...
  17. D

    Friendly Debate: Is modern gaming really that good?

    Let's forget about all the Wii/Natal/Motion tech stuff for a minute as the thread is focused more on standard controller titles. Here's my little debate. I'm been gaming since NES/DOS days and yeah, gaming has come a far way since then. The past couple of months I've been playing Fallout 3...
  18. M

    E3: Microsoft Xbox Project Natal demo video

    WOW! This is really cool!
  19. D

    So who won E3? Well....(drumroll)

    .....It seems Microsoft has walked away with the trophy, but don't look at me for this result look at these. A.) Gamespot Polls MS votes - 6332 Sony votes - 3378 Link - Click Here B.) VG 247 Post awarded MS 9/10 earning it the title of winner Link - Click Here C.) IGN - VE3D...
  20. D

    Final Fantasy 14 might only be timed exclusive

    Source: Joystiq