1. J

    YouTube may be blocked in Russia

    YouTube under threat in Russia Due to an infamous anti-Islamic video, YouTube could be blocked across Russian until the video is removed
  2. J

    Anti-Islamic video blocked for Malaysian YouTubers

    Google blocks anti-Islam film on YouTube Google has blocked the access and availability of the anti-Islamic film to Malaysian YouTube users
  3. QuintonB

    Google rejects US request to remove offensive video

    Google rejects White House request to remove video Google Inc rejected a request by the White House on Friday to reconsider its decision to keep online a controversial YouTube movie clip that has ignited anti-American protests in the Middle East.
  4. J

    YouTube blocks Prophet Muhammad video from Egypt and Libya

    YouTube clip blocked in Egypt and Libya Google has said that the company will not pull-down a mocking video of Islamic Prophet Muhammad, but the video will be blocked within Egypt and Libya
  5. J

    New YouTube app comes to iPhone

    YouTube rolls out new iPhone app Google introduces a new YouTube iPhone app, which includes advertising for the first time
  6. jes

    Google vs Facebook vs Youtube in South Africa

    Google vs Facebook vs Youtube in South Africa New statistics from Effective Measure reveal the unique visitors and page views of the top websites among SA Internet users
  7. B

    CHROME Extensions

    I have been using Google Chrome with an extension to download from YOUTUBE, the past few months it's been working like a charm. Well this morning after about a week of not downloading I am getting sent to a page where it says access denied blah blah. I noticed the YOUTUBE page has changed alot...
  8. J

    YouTube becomes number one source for music for teens

    YouTube: no.1 music source for teens YouTube becomes music platform of choice for teenagers
  9. jes

    Olympics streaming in South Africa: what risk do you take?

    Olympics streaming in South Africa: what risk do you take? Legal experts shed light on the legalities of using unauthorized international websites or VPN services to stream the Olympic Games
  10. J

    YouTube brings citizen journalism to its own channel

    YouTube introduces investigative journalism channel I Files brings a primary platform for citizen journalism on YouTube
  11. F

    Bypass YouTube region check for Olympic Channel

    Not sure it this is the correct place to post, but here goes: Does anybody have a way to bypass the YouTube region checking for the Olympic Channel? It you check this link, we are one of the few countries in the world that can not use the YouTube channel. Not sure how Monochoice and the...
  12. J

    YouTube breaks records with 4 million creative common videos

    YouTube hits 4 million creative common videos YouTube breaks a record by having more creative common videos than any other video hosting platform
  13. J

    YouTube wants users to use their real names

    YouTube wants your real name Google asks to integrate your Google+ profile and real name to move away from YouTube anonymity
  14. J

    Youtube adds tool allowing users to blur faces

    Youtube adds face-blurring to videos Youtube unveils a new face-blur tool for users
  15. J

    YouTube becoming number one news source for viewers

    YouTube becoming primary spot for news Viewers turn to YouTube in order to follow news happenings and events
  16. QuintonB

    Streaming radio fiasco forges memetic legacy online

    Radio listenership debacle hits social media The online radio streaming statistics debacle in South Africa gave rise to Youtube videos and an Internet meme
  17. J

    Google close in on Youtube to MP3 ripping services

    Google threaten YouTube MP3 ripping sites Web giant clamping down on YouTube to MP3 ripping
  18. jes

    Nando's advert TV ban is ineffective

    Nando's advert TV ban is ineffective SA consumers flock online to view the diversity ad, says marketing executive
  19. jes

    FNB tops banking brands on Facebook

    FNB tops banking brands on Facebook First National Bank is clearly doing something right in how it builds its reputation
  20. NeonNinja

    SPEEDbit Video Accelerator

    Anyone tried it?