Assistance with DStv Xtra View Setup over multiple viewing areas


May 24, 2016
Hi Guys :),

I currently have an SD Dual View decoder covering the 2 TV Rooms both upstairs and downstairs. There is a third TV (Parents room) linked via RF Splitter to the second viewing channel from the downstairs TV feed.

I want to upgrade to an Xtra View setup (Explora as the primary decoder and an HD Single View as a secondary decoder). There will also be a third stand alone Explora (Sisters room) operating independently. But now I have a 4th HD TV (Bar) and I want it along with the HD TV in the Parents room to be able to independently switch between the high definition feed from the primary Explora or the HD Single View decoder.

I don't know :confused: if a matrix with the 4 HD TV's is possible but I need assistance with solutions to getting all TV's to have a stable high definition feed. And for the Bar and the Parent's room to have feed from both decoders in the Xtra View setup.

The link to the setup diagram is below:

Please advice also on electronics I may need, where I can find then and cost estimation if available.


Have a chat with the people from HD Cabling. They will be able to help you