dstv explora

  1. Jan

    BritBox added to DStv Explora Ultra and Streama

    DStv adds BritBox streaming service to Explora Ultra and Streama MultiChoice has added UK-based video streaming service BritBox to its DStv Explora Ultra decoder and Streama digital media box. BritBox is a joint venture between the BBC and ITV and offers a selection of movies and TV shows...
  2. Brittayla93

    DStv, Netflix with a Samsung TV and Hisense Soundbar - Please Help

    Hi Everyone, Quick back story: My father-in-law has a Samsung TV on which he watches DStv and Netflix. The TV sound has always been shocking and when watching Dstv, the TV volume needs to be on like 70 and DStv volume halfway, but when watching Netflix, having the volume on 10 is too loud. He...
  3. Jan

    DStv working on "proximity control" system for increasing streaming limit

    DStv working on increasing streaming limit — but you'll need one of its devices MultiChoice South Africa CEO Nyiko Shiburi says that DStv is working on implementing new technology in its devices that will allow for multiple streams in households with legitimate subscriptions. DStv received...
  4. Jan

    DStv Explora teardown

    We cracked open a DStv Explora decoder to see what is of value inside The components in a second-hand DStv Explora decoder can be more valuable than the price you pay for it, a teardown of the device by MyBroadband showed. With the move to online streaming services like Netflix and DStv...
  5. L

    DSTV Explora that spoiled Fathers Day

    Hi Guys, So I decided to spoil myself for Father's day. I live in a complex and have spent the whole day trying to get it to work without success. I am battling to get past Step 3 of setup (signal issues). I bought a switch and connected VL/ HL to Sat 1 & 2 and onto Unicable on the decoder but...
  6. J

    Disappointed with DSTV

    Getting dstv is not cheep. Especially the explora. After having it installed by a registered dstv fitment company. My explora would continuously reboot itself after watching for a short period of time and then would have to be switch off for a few hours before I can watch maybe another hour of...
  7. T

    Assistance with DStv Xtra View Setup over multiple viewing areas

    Hi Guys :), I currently have an SD Dual View decoder covering the 2 TV Rooms both upstairs and downstairs. There is a third TV (Parents room) linked via RF Splitter to the second viewing channel from the downstairs TV feed. I want to upgrade to an Xtra View setup (Explora as the primary...
  8. B

    Explora + HD PVR 4 tuner

    Hi Everybody; I had to bid farewell to my SD dual view PVR, quite reluctantly as it was diligently servicing my home office and bedroom very well. In its place they gave me an explora and made my HD PVR (4 tuner one) the secondary on xtra view. The agent at Randburg said that I would need a...
  9. A

    Quick DTSV Explora Installation Query

    I just purchased a DSTV Explora and it didn't come with any cables (coaxial) to connect it to the satellite. It also didn't come with a 'Smart LNB', something I've read a lot about. But I'm confused as to what I actually need to connect the Explora to the existing DSTV installation in my...
  10. Kevin Lancaster

    DStv decoders – protect yourself against future issues

    DStv decoders – protect yourself against future problems MultiChoice is advising its DStv subscribers to upgrade their decoders to avoid problems in the future
  11. Kevin Lancaster

    DStv Now app live

    DStv Now app live MultiChoice has launched the DStv Now application for Android and iOS
  12. Jan

    New DStv Explora, Telkom SmartHome bundle announced

    New DStv Explora Telkom ADSL bundle unveiled Telkom has announced a new contract ADSL package that includes a DStv Explora decoder.
  13. Jan

    Free DStv Explora with 10Mbps+ Telkom DSL

    Free DStv Explora with high-speed DSL deal Telkom has announced that it is offering a free DStv Explora to subscribers who take up DSL contracts with line speeds of 10Mbps or faster.
  14. Kevin Lancaster

    DStv Internet services for Explora revealed

    DStv Internet services for Explora launched MultiChoice has revealed remote recording and DStv Catch Up Plus for the DStv Explora
  15. Kevin Lancaster

    Gadget prices in SA: online versus traditional retailers

    Gadget prices in SA: online versus physical shops MyBroadband takes a look at how online stores and “brick and mortar” shops compare with regards to gadget prices
  16. Kevin Lancaster

    ASA rules on DStv Explora advert

    DStv Explora: don’t forget the extra R75 The Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa has weighed in on an old DStv Explora advertisement
  17. Jan

    DStv to get TV series at speed of piracy

    DStv to get TV series at same time as US M-net will start airing new episodes of certain TV series within hours of their broadcast in the US.
  18. Kevin Lancaster

    DStv decoders and their unused Ethernet ports

    DStv: a history of unused Ethernet ports Owners of the new DStv Explora decoder will soon be able to connect it to the Internet with an additional Wi-Fi dongle; but what about a normal Ethernet cable?
  19. jes

    Internet connectivity dongle for DStv Explora: report

    Internet connectivity for DStv Explora: report A Wi-Fi dongle for MultiChoice’s newest decoder, the DStv Explora, will soon be available
  20. jes

    All Game of Thrones episodes coming to DStv Explora

    DStv Explora gets all Game of Thrones episodes All seasons of Game of Thrones that have been aired will soon be available to DStv Explora users