DStv decoders – protect yourself against future issues

What will the costs be to trade my old SD decoder in for the new HD one?
"MultiChoice said that some of the older decoders couldn’t cope with the growing number of DStv services on offer."

Some extra marketing whilst breaking the bad news to the owners of the old decoders...
And in related news, people toss old decoders for VOD models ... multichoice scratching heads on subscriber base decrease ...
Well i have an Explora that is sitting idle...
I would sell it... but maybe DSTV can get their act together and lure me back ;-)
So if I have insurance on my SD 1151 model.. can I trade it in for the new HD singleview decoder free of charge?
these baastids break the old decoders with their software updates and then you take it in and the give you one of that horrible new black decoders. cant even see the damn channel when you look at it. bring back my dsd990 you idiots.
I have the old SD PVR with insurance.
Looks like I will receive a single view HD decoder, if i make use of the offer.
What options do I have to have a dual view option?
I reckon they've undersold on the Explorer after investing a lot into it. Now no one is really biting on the "need " to upgrade to the new features.
I for one have an HD PVR that im quite happy with thank you......yeas its old but so what, I dont need extra space that I end up paying more for, I dont need dual view that I end up paying more for. In fact I downgraded to Compact because the pricing is ridiculous.
I am very seriously considering a VOD solution rather that changing decoders.
I think they faltered in thinking that there would be a mad rush for the Explorer decoder....now they are even battling to give them away.
This is an old trick
They do this to force people to upgrade
This is an old trick
They do this to force people to upgrade

Was running a 1rst gen decoder till a year ago. Only got rid of it due to no HD once we upgraded the TV :D. We used to watch all movies on laptops/computer screens.
The reality is that technology does age and, like a cellphone, needs to be replaced from time-to-time.

Like Satellite TV being replaced by streaming? Fully agree :D
They are now forcing you to get rid of your dual view decoder. They take away dual view so that they can milk you for more money. If you want a 3rd channel now then you need to pay a full subscription. They then say that technology changes like cell phones but they go backwards and take away the best thing they ever had, dual view. I will now look into using Netflix and Hulu+ with a VPN. Much cheaper and more choice. I suppose when you are the monopoly you don't need to worry about customer service or listening to what your customer wants. Netflix will officially be in SA by the end of 2016 services like vidi and MTN front row and altech node should give them a run for their money and then it will be too late for tears.
Discount my ass

MultiChoice has a trade-in discount on the new DStv HD single-view decoder and the DStv Explora decoder.
What will the costs be to trade my old SD decoder in for the new HD one?
R1,699 without insurance.

Did it in November.
What kind of discount is this? :confused:
You can get a new explora from House & Home for R1689 - R10 less than the offer.

Now if they offered a trade-in discount on the Exploder of R999, then we can talk.