I can confirm the quality is great on a 10Mbps line, although the stream was maybe 10 seconds behind what the decoder was viewing.
Cannot connect to do remote recording despite explore connected to the internet
any ideas?
I tried to download something to watch on my S5 this afternoon, didn't work.

Got 10GB data on my phone and changed settings to allow mobile data to be used, didn't work. Put it on my LTE router, also didn't work.

Will have to monitor the authentication app, cos the first version was terrible on battery life, even overtaking screen time.

Needless to say, it was uninstalled in quick time.
They have clearly not sorted out all the bugs.

This is what I saw the very first time when I launched it and entered the DStv account details on an iOS device.

I get "This device is registered to another user" when I want to sign in
This device is registered to another user" is what I get when registering device

I have uninstalled the app, so can't see what options you have.

Maybe email Multichoice, or post on their forums?
My decoder has downloaded 13.6GB since I connected it on Sunday. Lord knows WTF it has been downloading as I no idea!
That is absolutely crazy!!! :wtf:
Yes! What's worse is I would not have known. My wife called now to ask why our ADSL is so dog slow, so I logged into the router and noticed that port - which I assigned staticly to the explorar - was the bandwidth hog.

Told her to unplug the LAN cable from the decoder as I have only view access to my router if not on the home LAN.