BAAAAAAD telecoms in this country


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Aug 14, 2014
This has been an bad week for telecoms.

At home - telephone line down. Fortunately ADSL still works. After calling Telkom several times, got a reference number and after 4 days NO progress.

At work - Telkom lines stolen. No phones, no ADSL. As an emergency procedure, go to the local mall & get pre-paid data SIM from MTN. The number to call on the leaflet that came with the SIM card does not exist! OK try the SIM. Cannot get onto the network. Try to phone tech help - does not seem possible from a Vodacom phone. Dialling 083 1xxx like suggested on the MTN website does not work. Eventually I get through to their pre-paid help line phoning from a borrowed MTN phone - first they give me a joburg number to call - it just plays an irritating MTN song. Try to phone pre-paid help line again - get through to another lady - she says the first info given was incorrect - I should phone 555. I tried this several times - in the end dialling 083 1555 to actually get connected - apparently the issue is that the SIM is not yet active on the network! This after more than 24 hours after purchasing the SIM. RICA etc was done as the business is already an MTN client this should be easy - THIS IS EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING. Looks like MTN is going down the tubes.


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Apr 5, 2012
This is the first time I hear a complaint about Telkom or MTN.