Connection Timeouts on network


May 6, 2013
Hi guys

I have fairly good knowledge about ADSL and Wi-Fi but there is something that is bothering me and I need someone with more knowledge to advise on the following:

A few friends and I are living in a house together with an Internet connection. We have the following:

1x Netgear Router
1x Billion Router
3x Desktops connecting via LAN (2x Win7 & 1x Win8)
1x Laptop connecting via Wi-Fi
2x Samsung Galaxy SIII connecting via Wi-Fi
1x Blackberry (newer model) connecting via Wi-Fi
1x Macbook Air connecting via Wi-Fi
1x iPhone 4S connecting via Wi-Fi
2x ADSL accounts (1x Telkom [3gig cap] & 1x Web Africa [uncapped]) both running on 1MB speed

The 3 desktops that connects through LAN bypasses the router's dial up, by means of broadband dial up connection (2 of those uses the WebAfrica uncapped account) the other desktop uses the Telkom account. I assume each PC that connects like this, connects with its own IP address to the ISP's server. The reason why they connect like this, is that the computers don't pickup the network (Unidentified network) on both Win7 & Win8 OS.

When the Billion router was set up, we had internet timeout problems. The internet will work fine for a few hours and somehow disconnect, even so bad that none of the many computers can connect wirelessly or via LAN to login to the router's admin. We have to restart the router before we can connect again.

The guys replaced the Billion router with the Netgear router and it seems the internet don't have disconnecting problems. The other problem however is that no matter what Wi-Fi security profile we choose, the iPhone, Macbook & Galaxy SIII's can't connect to the router (I think this have to do with the G/N network).

My question is the following:

1. Why does the Billion router disconnects so much (too many connections on 1MB line)?
2. Is there any limitations to the amount of IP addresses that can connect to an ISP's server on a 1MB account?
3. Is there any way this can be fixed without getting a second Telkom line and 3rd ADSL account?

This is frustrating as I do my private work from home and currently my work is backlogged.

If anyone can help me with this issue, I would be very grateful.



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Feb 18, 2009
1. The Billion's ADSL chipset was probably much poorer than that of the Netgear (eg. a Trendnet one and not a Broadcom chipset).

2. Not as far as I know. You may run into a limitation on the amount of PPPoE connections that can be multiplexed with LLC/SNAP bridging (or VC MUX), but I suppose that this would be at least 8 or more.

3. Just use WPA2 Personal security (with TKIP+AES encryption) on your WiFi AP. That should solve your WiFi issues.
If you're 3 guys or more using that ADSL line, then I'd suggest upgrading to 2 - 4Mbps at least.

Also, why do you use so many different ISP accounts? Why not one uncapped account that suits everyone's needs!?

Tim the Techxpert

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Jul 19, 2012
Hi There,
Like you I know a bit about ADSL but I would not call myself an expert.
If you were going through the router as DHCP then the number of devices is a function of the router and not the ISP. I think you will need to direct that question directly to the ISP.
It sounds like the Billion is faulty. Have you tried another router?
For the wireless devices I have the same problem at times. I got round it by reserving IP addresses on the router for each device and they now connect no problem. You will need the mac address of each device to link them up.
Are you connecting the 2 routers together? If you are you need to make sure that they have the same SSID, and that the channels are at least 4 channels apart.

If your work is being compromised then while you solve the issue I would suggest that you dedicate one of the routers to your needs to get the backlog cleared.