1. Kevin Lancaster

    20 billion Internet-connected devices

    20 billion Internet-connected devices Ten years ago, the number of devices connected to the Internet was under a billion.
  2. G

    Setup BILLION 400G as Wireless REPEATER AND Firmware Upgrade

    Setup BILLION 400G as REPEATER & of Firmware Upgrade Good day I have an old BILLION 400G Wireless-G ADSL Router that I got from Telkom some time back. I would like to use the Router again for home access. I am using a W7 x64 Enterprise on an Acer Travelmate 7730. It has WiFi...
  3. K

    Hidden Billion Router Settings

    Hi guys, I don't often post threads on myBB but I thought these had to be shared. Here is a list of hidden settings/menus for most Billion routers, some enable hidden features and others let you tweak SNR values and stuff like that. Not all of them work across all models / firmwares...
  4. Z

    Billion BiPAC 5200G r4 reflash

    Good day, I have a Billion BiPAC 5200G r4 modem, which for some stupid reason is soft locked onto only dialling nashua mobile dsl accounts. Is there anyway I can re-flash this to the manufactureres software? I have tried A firmware update. However it gives me an error when simply...
  5. B

    Urgent help needed with billion 400g router

    Howzit guys, So here is the deal. I have a billio 400G router which was working perfectly until last night. I was updating the firmware then all of a suddent power trips when the darn thing is straight halfway. Now it does not function. Any ideas on how I can get it going again? From...
  6. C

    Connection Timeouts on network

    Hi guys I have fairly good knowledge about ADSL and Wi-Fi but there is something that is bothering me and I need someone with more knowledge to advise on the following: A few friends and I are living in a house together with an Internet connection. We have the following: 1x Netgear Router 1x...
  7. R

    ADSL modem which one?

    Telkom has the following : Netgear N300 DGN2200 @ R839 DLink DSL-2750U @ R689 Makro has Billion N73X @ R799 Linksys WAG120N @ R749 Billion N150 @ R699 I use the modem for home / small business at home with 3 laptops and couple of cellphones. I think the Telkom routers...
  8. M

    Play Store reaches 25 billion downloads

    Play Store reaches 25 billion downloads, Google starts celebrations with app promotions
  9. S

    Setting up Billion Router using iMac

    What's up all, wondering if anyone can help or point me to the right thread regarding my problem? I've got an iMac connected to a Billion router (not sure the exact type, it seems to be a pretty standard one for home use) via cable. The router comes with a disk that installs software that...
  10. S

    Extending Wireless network for dummy's

    Please can someone help me with settings (bearing in mind I am new to this so please explain in simple terms, I'm blonde to boot!). I have large pockets of dead spots in my home so am trying to extend my wireless network but am unable to get my second router to work. Here was my plan of...
  11. LazyLion

    Billion 810VGTX - Any way to set up Multiple ADSL accounts on Schedule?

    So we have one of these thingies at the office. I want to be able to automate it so that after work on a Friday it logs out of the Company ADSL and into my personal uncapped ADSL. Then before work on a Monday morning it shoud log back into the company ADSL. So how do I do that? Or...
  12. jes

    Billion BiPAC 7300NX ADSL2+ router review (MyBroadband)

    Billion BiPAC 7300NX ADSL2+ router review (MyBroadband) The Internet is awesome. Getting and staying connected is usually much less awesome. Does the Billion BiPAC 7300NX ADSL2+ router make this endeavour easier?
  13. S

    Billion ADSL routers & Spaces in SSIDs

    Hi all. In the last week, I've come across 2 Billion Wireless ADSL routers that don't like spaces in the SSID. The first was an MWEB-branded Billion ADSL router (can't remember the model) and the second was a Telkom-branded Billion 400G Wireless-G ADSL Router. If I set the SSID to contain a...
  14. S

    How to reset a Telkom-branded "Billion 400g Wireless-G ADSL Router"?

    Hi. I'm trying to help a friend sort out his ADSL internet connection problems. He has a Telkom-branded Billion 400g Wireless-G ADSL Router, which has the Telkom and Do logos printed on the device. I'm usually quite good at sorting this kinda stuff out, as it is pretty simple. However, this...
  15. jes

    New Billion router offers pocket sized mobile Internet options

    New Billion router offers pocket sized mobile Internet options Nology offers pocket sized, plug and share Billion router for mobile, always-on connectivity
  16. T

    Best Router for Traffic Spltting?

    Greetings All. I am looking at purchasing a wireless N router. I currently have a billion 7300RA, non-wireless unit. I am looking to do traffic splitting on the router aswell. Please let me know if I can just add to my current config and or if I need to replace it completely and or...
  17. R

    Billion router losing sync several times a day

    Hi All I have a "lovely" Billion 800VGT Router that I got from Telkom, but it loses sync several times a day, but then immediate reconnects after that. Some days it doesn't do it at all (that I notice at least). (when it does, the orange light flickers, then after about 30 seconds or so, its...
  18. stroebs

    [Possibly] Stolen Billion Wireless-G router

    I was working the late shift tonight and a guy came in and told me about his sob story and tried to sell me a Billion BIPAC 7300G Wireless-G Router for [an unspecified amount]. How would I know if it is stolen or not? (I believe it is... No power adapter, no box etc. Just router and antenna)
  19. Tpex

    Flashing Nashua Router?

    Has Anybody successfully flashed the Locked Nashua Router (Billion 5200G R4) with unlocked firmware?
  20. L

    iburst, Billion & VPN's

    I have an iburst broadband account with a desktop modem, I had a dlink router which hosted the pppoe settings to connect through the iburst modem and onto the iburst wireless network. I now need to change my dlink router for a billion one (dont ask why) and am looking for advice, The new router...