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Sep 30, 2018
I have had an Afrihost LTE Rain router and data package for close to a year now. Hardly ever ran out of data until now. Last month my topup bill was R3000 additional to the R1500pm package that I have. I have contacted Afrihost several times to find out what is going on but still no answer. My data usage /streaming/downloading /browsing has not increased but by the 3rd /4th day of the month my data is gone all 170gigs gone. Where previously I would still have 20 - 30 gigs of data left on the last day of the month. Since the end of July/ beginning of August my data keeps ons disappearing. I then usually topup with a 10/20gig but a few hours later it is all gone again . Seriously considering canceling my subscription with Afrihost as spending close to R5000 a month on data for household use is ridiculous. I have checked everything from phones to tvs, iPads, laptops and computers to ensure that updates are not done automatically. Any advice on what to do?


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Jun 12, 2013
Hi there BeancaN, this sounds really odd :cautious: I can definitely get some answers for you. Please drop me a PM with your account details so I can look into the usage from the past few months and determine exactly what is going on here.