1. No Chill

    Rain latency mysteriously increased by about ~20ms

    The download and upload speeds are the same as before and in my experience are great with no real hiccups. However, about a month ago my ping shot up by about ~20ms. In games where I used to get 30ms, I am now getting 50 and in games where I was getting 165, it has gone up to 185. I've tried...
  2. yayokb

    Need to change ISP, need to find max supported speed

    Hello guys! This is my first post so sorry if this is just another repeat of someone else's post. But, I really need the help. I'm a teenager who is this household's only hope in finding out the best package for us and whether or not we're being overcharged. Currently, we have a 4Mbps 40GB +...
  3. R

    Advice before going solar

    Good day, I am currently looking at installing a solar system in my place and I have some contractors coming next week to check the house and give me quotes. What are the things I need to be aware of ? What are the questions I need to ask ? What are the things to consider when you go solar in a...
  4. Mist4h20

    Ford Bantam 1.3 advice needed

    Hi all, I'm wondering if I could get some input if possible, Ford Bantam Rocam 2006, engine has 89000ks. Was initially using Shell helix 15w40, no issues, changed oil and filter this time used Midas brand 15w40 (they assured me it was as good) car sounded okay at first but a day or two goes by...
  5. R

    I have impetigo!? Help me please!

    Hi guys, answer who has or was impetigo. I had a pretty big stain with blisters on my body. I suspect this is impetigo. I'm going crazy with excitement. Found a lot about this disease And now I can’t wait...
  6. P

    Active Fibre ISP

    Is anyone using the ISP Active Fibre? I'm struggling to find reviews and would love to have some feedback. Their prices and benefits seems very good but is it worth avoiding leading ISP's like Rocketnet and Cool Ideas? Your feedback is appreciated.
  7. joshtech7

    Has anyone used "Pocket deal"?

    I've discovered the site ( and was curious to know whether anyone had come across it before... If you have, i just have a few questions... is it true you can watch movies and series for free? and can the Pocket Deal Android Box be configured to watch DSTV & Supersport...
  8. C

    Rain sim on LG G6 H870DS

    Hello all I bought a Rain sim in December and i have still not gotten it to work. I know it's not the sim or rain's fault since it works in my old samsung S5. It is the fault of my LG G6 H870DS that im trying to use it in conjunction with my MTN sim as my second sim for data only. Has anyone...
  9. izakhearn

    Need help with internet in the waterberge

    Greetings I was wondering if anyone here can help me. I need to do internet for a camp that is taking place in the waterberge. I was wondering if you guys could give me recommendation of WISP in the area. We only need the inter net for the duration of the camp. The camp runs from the...
  10. U

    Vega 56 OC help

    Hi peeeps of MYBB!! I recently bought a vega 56 reference card, and flashed its bios to vega 64 bios. Was very easy to do and also successful. I then proceed to OC my card a little bit more, as a lot of people can do it without touching the volts even. By applying only a +1% on frequency...
  11. J

    Unisa vs Private College

    I have recently registered at Unisa to study my BA however with the recent news about courses being unaccredited etc, I don't know if I want to continue to study with them. My next option is Lyceum. I know private colleges in South Africa aren't usually as highly regarded as Unis (with the...
  12. werfie

    Anyone have a senior contact at Incredible Connection (JD Group)?

    So I ordered something on black Friday from IC's online store. Haven't received anything yet and the order tracking is a complete nonsensical mess (See below). I have spoken to the rep on Facebook, emailed the address given to me by them after they couldn't do anything, I have spoken to the...
  13. R

    What’s wrong with my plants

    Hey, I’ve just transplanted 4 plants from solo cups to their 2 Gallon Air Pots. I have them running on 600w MH lights right now, hung at about 24” from plant tops at 100% lumens. These plants 2 weeks exactly from sprout. I’ve noticed two of them have some slight lime green to yellow on the...
  14. U

    Cell C Internationall Congestion

    Hi guys I think I have gotten to the cause of my packet loss and high latency at night , I think Cell C international routing is congested , does anyone know of a way to reduce it or fix it.
  15. T

    Samsung TV mainboard issue

    Hi everyone I have a 3 year old Samsung Smart TV UA48J6200AKXXA, I did a firmware update but it failed, and now whenever I boot my TV it is stuck at HDMI-1 port and locked to my laptop (because it was the last device connected to HDMI-1). Issue: 1. Remote control buttons does nothing as soon...
  16. B

    Dissapearing data

    I have had an Afrihost LTE Rain router and data package for close to a year now. Hardly ever ran out of data until now. Last month my topup bill was R3000 additional to the R1500pm package that I have. I have contacted Afrihost several times to find out what is going on but still no answer. My...
  17. awvince

    Rights and privileges on MyBB

    Hello there, Who do I contact to have my rights and privileges updated on MyBB? Thanks
  18. C

    Help! My cat escaped from his new home and it’s an apartment

    Yesterday I realized my cat escape a few minutes after I saw him. The door was cracked open, I didn’t know who left it open. I just moved to this apartment two weeks ago. I looked for him for hours and couldn’t find him. I’m not sure if he left the apartment or not. Do cats come back to their...
  19. K

    Which amp should i buy

    Hi, im just looking for help and suggestions. I have 2 big speakers, 1 sub and a center speaker. Im on a budget and im looking for an amp so that i can use them all together, playing music through an aux cable or Bluetooth. Sorry if this is a bad question, but im new to speakers. Photos down be
  20. U

    Does anyone own a fox 1989 VW? I need your help with the fuse box.

    Good day Im hoping someone can help me with my car. I have a VW 1989 fox. I need to know what relays/etc goes into the fuse box. Does anyone here own such a vehicle? I need to know what relays to buy to get it started. I have attached a photo of the fuse box now. Any help is appreciated! This...