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  1. A

    Rain throttling speeds unnecessarily

    So there aren't that many people using in my area, so there's no point in throttling the speeds and displeasing their customers. I switched from the off-peak unlimited to the 24/7 unlimited deal, and I am so frustrated with the slow speeds i'm getting. I would understand why they would throttle...
  2. JAGG3R

    Rain 0/mbps upload speed!

    Good day to everyone! I use to have alot of trouble with rain speeds but since rain sent me one of their outside antenna routers (b2338-168) it has been fairly good for me for months! Since last friday night i just got disconnected from everything and rain just cannot find a problem to my...
  3. G

    HORRIBLE Customer Service

    I have sent numerous emails to rain support as I am not a client personally, however somehow one of the rain clients is using my card details and my account has been debited twice in the last 2 months! I need to remove my card details from the users account and no one is responding to any of the...
  4. AdenZAR125

    Rain, rain, go away and don’t Come back...

    A place to vent out your frustrations about Rain:)
  5. ChaseRich

    Rain you ok?

    Im in Umkomaas and I've been having on and off signal since Friday. Rain also debited my account at 2pm yesterday and at 17:55 they sent me 5 missed payment emails all at once.
  6. M

    Rain Pathetic Service

    Rain is really pathetic, their deals really were too good to be true, after more than a month of trouble free internet use, I am sad to say that I have learned the hard way about cheap internet, for the passed few days I have not been able to access the internet, every time I call they just tell...
  7. H

    Connect two Huawei B618 routers, one capped Rain sim on during 6PM-11PM and one uncapped Rain sim during the rest of the day

    Hi, I want to connect two Huawei B618 routers, one capped Rain sim and one uncapped Rain sim, and only use the capped Rain data when the uncapped data is not available. Is there a solution for this? Thank you!
  8. K

    Recent post shows rain has 3500 mhz frequency

    I'm just wondering are there any devices that support this 3500mhz frequency for rain or telkom
  9. M

    Slow Rain LTE speed

    I got my rain sim card on Saturday 1st June 2019 and i have been having extremely slow download speeds of 100 - 400 kilobytes. I have got the sim card in a Huwaei B315s. I put the sim card in my phone to see if the speed would be different but still so slow. I live in Kuilsriver Highbury and...
  10. Faziki

    Considering Rain

    Hello Guys, After having a bad experience with Telkom Uncapped LTE... I'm considering Rain LTE. I have a few questions. Is the R 250 unlimited off-peak bolt on worth it? How is your experience with the network and service (network service and customer care service) Do they have a cap on the...
  11. B

    Dissapearing data

    I have had an Afrihost LTE Rain router and data package for close to a year now. Hardly ever ran out of data until now. Last month my topup bill was R3000 additional to the R1500pm package that I have. I have contacted Afrihost several times to find out what is going on but still no answer. My...
  12. M

    Rain Charged Me R2454.05! ***Resolved*** Happy Client :)

    So, this just happened A few weeks ago i ordered myself the R250 off-peak unlimited data sim from Rain. Upon first registration, on their website i selected the 0 data package and then the R250 off-peak data. For the first month you get 15 days free peak data and 30 days free off-peak data...
  13. T

    Rain spend limit auto increase

    So since from day one, I set my spend limit to R50 on my rain dashboard. Yesterday during peak time, I decided to use my sim to browse around some stuff (my Telkom Mobile connection was acting up), so I used it knowing that I won't use more than R50 worth of data So right now I just decided...
  14. T

    Rain website not loadin

    Tried to access the Rain website to check my order but the websites does not load properly: Am I the only one experiencing this?, see screenshot below:
  15. K

    Afrihost RAIN seems inactive

    I bought the Fixed wireless Promo from afrihost and got it delivered on the 8th of Feb 2018. I have perfect coverage. When I viewed the router via the browser login, the sim appeared inactive with no network bar (grey'd out). Log multiple support tickets to Afrihost and didn't get a straight...
  16. U

    Afrihost LTE - account capped prematurely

  17. B

    lowest priced rain LTE-A packages from R499pm and once off router cost of R999!

    Buzybuy has launched it's rain LTE-A packages offering from the lowest rain LTE-A pricing in the market and we are offering all our clients the router for a reduced cost of R999 once off with delivery included! Check your coverage and sign up on our website at...
  18. N

    Early Connect to Commercial Rain LTE-A

    Hi All For all those that have been and i'm guessing still are on the Early connect (changing from the old Iburst modem trial to LTE Modems / Data) Have you guys received any pricing / offers as to when the commercial story kicks in ?