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Easy Equities good or bad?


The Magician
Feb 10, 2005
Its just a license code that expired. I am sure their devs/sysadmins will learn very quickly to start monitoring that now that this has happened!


Active Member
May 15, 2008
Will investigate those additional codes

Will certainly investigate those additional codes for you and come back to you with feedback.

Please bear with me. May take a day or two to consult with our statement team.
Hi Justin (or any Easy Equities help staff following this thread):

So what is the feedback on this, because I've now been onto your guys since 12th of June. I have a ticket that was closed (when you posted the new Tax Certificates with some codes - but not all) and I've replied to say the issue is not resolved via helpme@easyequities.co.za )

I honestly don't know what more to do - the lack of customer support is starting to really making me doubt whether moving to EE was a good choice at all. I've had no other issues with any other provider re: tax codes. EE is literally the only provider with missing codes that I need to complete my tax return. Why must it take so long to have this resolved? You said a couple of days ... how about a couple of weeks, or months even if you go back to when this ticket was created?

Sorry to be blunt, but if your statements dept. can't help me, please say so and I'll make another plan - but don't commit to a reply where none is forthcoming. That's just being dishonest. I will give it a week then I'll phone in. Failing that, I will reconsider using your platform in the future.


Well-Known Member
Aug 8, 2018
I don't see much point in the Thrive thing unless you're trying to use it as a trading account. The brokerage fees are so low anyway that for us debit-order investors, it isn't worth jumping through hoops or investing in things you don't really want to (like Emperor bundles or Purple Group shares).