Easy Equities good or bad?


The Magician
Feb 10, 2005
I am considering moving my TFSA from my existing provider to EE

Reading all the bad and sad stories on hellopeter ... what to do ?
I moved mine over, and very happy there so far. Buying time will make a difference. I mostly focus on international ETFs in my TFSA (dont think you can do all shares on the TFSA like the normal account), and like now they doing not so great and the rand better, so it looks like it is tanking. But I am in it for the long run, so not pulling out just because its bad. Also the ETFs usually go back to gaining unlike shares you have no clue what will happen in the future.

Maybe list your concerns that you have after reading the hellopeters? Then we can give better advice.


Expert Member
Sep 4, 2009
Share pricing is explained on the EE website. Always check the current Offer Price before buying as you can lose quite a bit on your initial purchase.
that I got totally. But how can it differ so much (thought it all worked in 15min window periods).

In that case, would stick where I now am (I know exactly what I am buying)