MTN network hit by connectivity issues

I just want to know what's the actual cause of the issues.

Haven't had data connectivity all day in multiple areas in JoBurg.
I think I answered my own question - crash! :eek:

Hey ..its Monday :p
Any link to the issue that they deny happening at MTN Gallo Manor?
Its mainly JHB and Durban. Cape Town still has connectivity.
Connectivity seems OK in PE but their mail servers were lagging like crazy over the weekend, only received some mail from the 13th this morning.

Edit: just checked and also getting network connection error
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Been having issues since 9am in Sandton area - still a problem at 15:51pm
Can make calls, but no data
Every few minutes. Samsung connects to H+, 3G the looses *data* signal.

Didn't MTN complain that OTT providers are not subject to SLA's and should be regulated?
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more woes for mtn...

...most probably some major and critical component on their network failed, and they don't have money in the kitty for a replacement...
Did their Datacenter not also experience downtime earlier... Eish eish eish this company... one fck up to the next
I had issues trying to call people on MTN - the second or third try was successfull.
Where is the Gallo Manor Data Centre? I cant find it anywhere on google. Is it classified?
Looks like it finally gave up. It's totally down now and no longer intermittent connectivity issues.......
No calls can be made or received AT ALL! It just says network error and incoming calls say number busy or network busy to the caller....

Wonder if they will give free data as an apology or do the usual South African thing of a big F*&k You! to their customers.