MTN Unrestricted APN


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Nov 11, 2013
It’s a business feature (to make VPNs work) for remote users, and thats why the APN is VPN and not unrestricted like Vodacom.

I use Telkom sim cards with great success even in smaller towns. Data cheaper and you don’t need unrestricted as it always are.

R1 for sim and test it at the location, if you need bigger bundles that you can buy on banking, go to Telkom shop and ask for the bigger bundles, some even doesnt expire in month.

MTN contracts isn’t too bad either, get nice specials, and then you can still top them up.


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Sep 10, 2008
Don't really want to change providers. I upgraded my MTN 2016 Black Friday contract with the intention of using data share on the router at home. Should've done a bit more research on this and upgraded to a new number at the time :X3:

Seems like my best bet is to get one of the R39 contracts for the router with MTNVPN activated and then data share to that.

Thanks for the help! You were far more helpful than anyone I spoke to at MTN.
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