Need options for Fixed LTE

Feb 14, 2017
So I'm doing some research for a client to install for her a more reliable internet connection. She lives in Silver Lakes Golf Estate and someone was stupid enough to sign a contract that they can only have a Fibre line through Telkom as ISP. ek Vox Fibre has some deals too with them but I got no experience with them and don't know how are their after sales support.

They currently have a 10mb ADSL line with Afrihost on which they only get 1mb download (pathetic I know)

This being said fixed LTE seems like a better option. Apparently Telkom LTE got better after sales support but I need more advice. I don't know how great is Level 7 but again I need all the opinions I can get


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Oct 6, 2018
Im on telkom lte and it is good in my area. Go to the telkom coverage map to chech the lte-A coverage