Official Tri-Nations 2011 Thread


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Jun 4, 2005
Given the opportunity I am sure many people would like to put some beef into cheat McCaw's face. Good on ya, Coops.
That's a given but look at the Bakkies/Cowan head butt and the accompanying ban and look at this Cooper/Richie kneeing and tell me that isn't at least a 4 week ban!!! Personally I'm getting fed up with the double standards!!


Mar 25, 2008
My choice of Wallabies as WC favourites has been vindicated!* ;)

*Note: Before some chop says I am supporting the Aussies, it is just who I think is the strongest team going into the WC. That's different from support.
They are still a tad weak come scrum time and I think that they might struggle a tad with the "style" of play in the RWC, but I also had them pegged as the runner up favourites behind NZ.

That'll work fine for the Aussies - they're penned as "second favourites" behind NZ ;)

But more seriously - who was the favourite for the 1999 World Cup?
NZ have been the favourite in all the WCs as far as I can remember. In 1995 the Aussies might have been seen as only slightly less favourite.

I called this win in my Super Bru prediction. Was a good game.

So what, if anything, does it mean for the AB's in the RWC?
Doubt that it will change much. It is a bit too late now to make any major changes. If anything this will just make NZ focus more.

Argentina will do well to qualify for the knockout stages. They got England and Scotland in their pool neither of which will be a push over. Then, should they make the quarters, they'll most likely meet NZ and that is where their world cup campaign will end...

You say the world cup is wide open but really there are only 4 or 5 teams likely to win it, this year and since the competitions inception in 1987.

I don't see any of the European teams making it to the final...
IMO I can not see anyone winning it barring Aus / NZ / SA. There might be a surprise if another team knocks Aus out in the semis but come finals time I really just can not see anyone other than the Big 3 taking it.

That was a shocking decision. There is no doubt he did it on purpose. He looked down at RM just before he "stood" up. I am sure the guy adjudicating didn't want to be seen as someone responsible for messing up the Aus WC. I am sure that pretty much any other player would have been nailed for it.
Lol, now you will hear the Kiwis b!tch and moan about refs etc etc.

Although if it was a South African he would have received a 4-8 week ban...