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Aug 25, 2015
I have recently had a line installed in my house by Openserve. This is a brand new Fibre line which was installed in my estate at the end of October 2021.

On November 24th the installer came through, dug up, pulled the line and spliced the Fibre. Upon comportion the Openserve ONT had a red light flashing on “LOS” which he explained there is an issue either at the exchange or the actual line from the exchange to the box outside my house. He informed me that he will escalate the issue to Openserve and the line should be fixed within the week.

I did not stress too much as I had only cancelled my Vodacom Fibre line effective end of December 2021.

Since then I have not heard anything back from Openserve except from the installer who keeps telling me he’s escalated the issue and they are working on it.

This week I took is up with my new ISP Vox, yesterday they escalated the issue to “Project Management” who then called me today to inform me that, the line I have is ”Prefixed” this means it does not necessarily have a connection to the exchange due to it being a new line and Openserve needs to either remotely or come on site to fix the issue, there is no ETA to when this will be resolved, Vox themselves have escalated the connectivity issue and have given me a reference number.

I then asked the Vox Agent how can a line that is not working be ”Sold” to me, why was this not checked before calling out the installer to pull the line to the house. Their response was simply that they had no idea and they do apologize but the best thing I can do now is wait as Openserve is backlogegd with these types of requests.

Apparently it can happen that I wake up one day and the Red LOS Light is no longer flashing (Words of the Call Agent)

Location: Greenstone, Gauteng

Does Openserve perhaps have some sort of a Rep on this forum whereby I can contact them because their call back feature which I have tried using since last week has been met with no response. I am worried due to the fact that the festive season is upon us and by the end of December I am going to be sitting without an internet connection. (Vodacom is unable to reverse my cancelation)

Also what is this Prefixed Line bullshit I have never heard of it before ever.

Edit: I do have a B Number but when I try and put it onto the Openserve App it tells me the number does not exist. Same with the ONT Serial Number
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