vox fibre

  1. M

    VOX Fiber/Frogfoot and Mikrotik Routers...

    Hello all. I have been with VOX since 2013 and they have been more than accommodating from the start. I switched over to fiber as soon as it was available in my area and had nothing but great things to say about them. I have been a advocate for the company since day one, getting a lot of my...
  2. T

    HiSense TV not picking up SSID

    Hi All. I need some help with a very strange problem please. o_O In 2017 I bought a HiSense 50 inch "Smart" TV:cautious:. I brought it home, plugged it straight into my MikroTik Fibre router with network cable (because my router is right next to my TV). Everything worked great. Yesterday I...
  3. marsbeetle

    Vox FTTH with Tp-link Archer D7 problem

    Hi Guys, New to FTTH, not new to IT. I have been using a tp-link archer d7 with a Vox ADSL account and now have just switched to fiber and want to use the same modem/router. It has a wan port. I can connect no problem using supplied login details via wan using pppoe - gets ip, dns, gateway...
  4. jannier

    Vox Fibre Feedback

    Hi, Anyone in the Cape Town region using VOX as there ISP? Would like to know how the overall experience is especially on Vumatel? latency, bandwidth speeds versus package speed.
  5. L

    FTTH & FTTB Confusion

    Hey guys, I have a question. It may be a bit stupid but I am not getting it. We recently asked Vox for a feasibility study. When they got back to us, they said there is fibre and drew on the map where the fibre line is running and quoted us on FTTB. I told them that I wanted them to quote...
  6. Segg

    Vox Shaping/Throttling on Vuma

    Hi Guys Has anyone experienced poor quality download speeds with Vox uncapped over Vumatel as of late? The reason I signed up with them is due to their network reputation, and the fact that they have a total uncapped/unshaped FUP, infact from what I understand they only have an AUP Speed...
  7. H

    Vox Fiber FTTH - Free modem

    Hi there. Was just informed my area has gone live with Openserve Fiber, and my order is being processed with them. My question is, which modem does VOX offer free with the installation. I was told it is a Microtik, but want to see if this is, what they have installed at other installations.
  8. K

    Thoughts and experiences with Vox Telecom as ISP???

    Hi, our area has recently gotten Fibre via Vumatel, and I was considering moving to fibre from adsl. Seeing as I am on a tight budget, I considered getting the 4mbps package. It costs only R499 per month, and includes a router and installation if a 24 month contract is signed. Just wanted to...
  9. F

    Vox Telecom Fibre dissapointment

    Howzit Anyone have a good experience with Vox? I'd like to share my poor experience I have had with them. Installed Friday 10 Feb, Monday the 13th Feb at exactly 8am my internet goes down. It was only restored 4 days later at 430pm Friday 17th. Vox only credited me for one day. They...