HiSense TV not picking up SSID

Jan 23, 2019
Hi All. I need some help with a very strange problem please. o_O

In 2017 I bought a HiSense 50 inch "Smart" TV:cautious:. I brought it home, plugged it straight into my MikroTik Fibre router with network cable (because my router is right next to my TV). Everything worked great.
Yesterday I decided to buy a newer, bigger TV for the lounge, and put my HiSense in the room.
Now I have to use WiFi on it because the room is too far from router for a cable. So when searching for my SSID it picks up all my neighbours SSID's, but for my own router it sees my WLAN and ETH1 MAC ADDRESSES!!!??!?! How?? My SSID is not displayed at all!
When I select my WLAN address (64:D2:51....) it asks for my password, but fails to connect every time. Ive tried more than 50 times.

Both my phones, Laptop, PS4 , 3DS, and new TV pick up SSID no problem.
BTW, I did do the latest firmware update from HiSense SA website today, still nothing

TV Model is 50N3000UW
Router is MikroTik hAP ac lite with latest RouterOS version.