1. Jan

    Buying a smart TV vs a non-smart TV with a media box

    Goodbye DStv — smart TV and media box price showdown Buying a smart TV is generally more affordable than purchasing a non-smart TV and combining it with a media box, a MyBroadband comparison found. For the comparison, we combined TVs without built-in Internet connectivity with three different...
  2. KillerOnDrugX

    Hisense 55" UHD Smart TV - SALE

    Item name (be very descriptive): Hisense 55" UHD Smart TV 55A7100F. Can throw in the wall bracket if it's needed. Age and condition: 1 Year. Excellent condition. Do you include packaging: Yes, original packaging. Warranty: Yes, but not sure how warranty transfer works with Game/Hisense. Reason...
  3. Jan

    Hisense Fire TV announced

    Hisense unveils Fire TV model Hisense unveiled its Amazon Fire TV edition on Tuesday, 17 May 2022, boasting a 4K resolution, a variable refresh rate, and HDR10+. According to a Digital Trends report, the U6HF uses Quantum Dot technology and can reach 600 nits of peak brightness. It also...
  4. Jan

    TV pricing sweet spot analysis

    The best TV size for your wallet MyBroadband analysed the prices of several mainstream 4K TVs in the most commonly available sizes in South Africa and found that smaller TVs generally provide better value for money. Most major TV makers — including Hisense, LG, and Samsung — have migrated...
  5. Jan

    Best-selling smartphones on MTN and Cell C

    Best-selling smartphones in South Africa Android devices dominate smartphone sales in South Africa, and the best-selling devices vary between post-paid and pre-paid customers, according to Cell C and MTN. MTN told MyBroadband that Android devices make up 94% of the smartphones on its network...
  6. Jan

    5 cheap smartphones in South Africa

    Cheapest smartphones in South Africa — including one for R329 The cheapest smartphone you can buy in South Africa is the TECNO Pop 2 Mini, and interestingly, it doesn't even feature on the manufacturer's website. It is available from Pep for R329, and it features 512MB of RAM and 8GB of...
  7. J

    Contrast setting problem on Hisense U7G TV

    Hello. I have a U7G and it won't remember / won't apply the contrast setting when the video stream changes. For example: the setting is set to 60, then on YouTube or Netflix, every time there's a new video the contrast setting disengages, the screens brightness goes way up / gets milky. I have...
  8. A

    Hisense mini fridge

    Item: Hisense mini fridge Age: a few years Price: R1500 Payment Method Accepted: Cash only Warranty: None Packaging: None Condition: Very good Location: Benoni Reason: Not been used Shipping: None Collection: Yes only
  9. Jan

    South Africa's best (and most expensive) TVs

    Best and most expensive TVs you can buy in South Africa As video streaming resolution increases, 1080p full HD TVs are no longer enough to experience the best visual fidelity that money can buy. Companies such as Samsung and LG have made their 8K TVs available to buy in South Africa for those...
  10. E

    New 55" TV

    Looking for a TV, 55", price 12k - 16k. I have looked at some LGs, Samsung, Hisense. Hisense 55U8QF, 55U7QF LG Nanocell NANO86 55" Really not sure. I have a nVidia Shield 2019 device and Dolby Atmos 5.1.2 sound system, so would prefer Dolby Vision and Atmos support. FALD - is it good / worth...
  11. J

    Hisense spends R20 million on solar power for local factory

    Hisense spends R20 million on solar power for local factory Hisense has announced that it will invest R20 million in solar electricity generation for its factory in the Western Cape. "Hisense is pleased to announce a major investment in green energy and South Africa," the company said in a...
  12. D

    Is the Skyworth TB7000 series any good?

    Hey guys, so I'm looking at getting a TV and the Skyworth TB7000 40 inch is looking like a good option. My budget is between 4k-5k and the Skyworth TVs really do look like the best bang for buck. I've seen some Hisenses going for around that price but the android TV on Skyworth is making it an...
  13. V

    Digital Tuning

    I have purchased a Hisense 49B6000 TV, I think, based on the website, it has a digital tuner. I Iave not linked the TV to anything other than the internet and my sound bar. My question is what do I have to attach to the TV to be able to scan for digital channels or how do I scan for digital...
  14. J

    Hisense TV factory in Western Cape shut down for ignoring COVID-19 regulations

    Hisense TV factory in Western Cape shut down for ignoring COVID-19 regulations The Department of Employment and Labour in the Western Cape has closed the Hisense TV and appliance factory in Atlantis, a community approximately 50km north of the Cape Town CBD. In a recent statement, the...
  15. Savy561

    Are TVs currently being sold in stores?

    Hi all, quick question to anyone that has been to a mall or retail store. Are TVs being sold in stores such as game, incredible connection, hirch etc...? The reason I ask is because I work for hisense and my boss is now saying that we will only go back to work and selling TVs at lockdown lvl 2...
  16. H

    Hisense Q8600UWG

    Hey, I tried to google this to no avail. Anybody know what the international model equivalent is for the Hisense Q8600? US and Europe does not seem to follow the same model numbers. I am trying to read some reviews but cannot compare it well without the international model numbers. I am...
  17. D

    Hisense Q8600 Thread

    While there is a general Hisense TV opinions thread, I think finding the odd firmware link for a specific model or opinions can be difficult. I've therefore decided to create this thread so the Q8600 owners can discuss here without bulking up the more general Hisense thread. This first post...
  18. R

    Dstv Now App, Problems on Hisense Smart TV

    I was wondering if any one had some advice for me, I recentely got a Hisense Smart TV to watch Netflix etc. NOW my problem is with DSTV Now the TV supports it and came preinstalled, Now my issue/issues are 2 things ANY sport channels do not work that includes all supersport and even the wwe...
  19. T

    DSTV Now and Smart TV's

    Hi there, I am looking into buying a new Smart TV for a bar area, but I want a smart TV that can support DSTV now app so I don't have to run cables through to the TV. Does anyone have a list of supported devices? I only find Samsung TV's that are supported but a friend had the app on a Hisense TV.
  20. TE3TH

    How do I connect a modern Smart TV to a DVD Surround Sound System

    I recently purchased a 58" Hisense UHD Smart TV. I currently own an older LG DVD Surround Sound System that does not have an HDMI port, only RCA (Red, White and Yellow) The TV does not have RCA OUT, only RCA IN. Would it be possible for me to purchase an HDMI to AV adapter and connect two...