openserve fibre

  1. L

    Openserve Fibre - Unacceptable speed / Ping

    Good day fellow forum users I need some serious advice from people with expert knowledge in Fibre networks, especially GPON that Openserve uses. Now, I live in Robertson in the Western-Cape, postal code 6705. We have a relative new Openserve Fibre network here. I was only recently connected...
  2. J

    Openserve ONT

    I have bit the bullet and pre ordered openserve fibre and wanted to know what ont they install and what is the power rating. I have a backup battery for my adsl router and want to repurpose it for the fibre install. Also i am buying my own router so i need to decide which one is going to be more...
  3. J

    Openserve vs Octotel CPT

    Our area has been live with octotel for a while and I have tested it a family member and have been initially impressed with what I have seen. I see my area has Openserve on its pre-order phase and Octotel is making slight changes to its pricing structure. Generally I want to know which provider...
  4. T

    Afrihost Incompetence - Please help

    Hello , we recently moved and migrated our fibre line - our @openserve B number was released and I spent to hours with the consultant at afrihost to take ownership of the B number, all nice we had internet for 10 days and then Sunday we had none. i logged a call with Afrihost where they stated...
  5. L

    MWEB - Openserve - Fibre not installed after 14 days after Turnaround Time

    Hi, Can someone please assist me with regards to the installation of my Fibre line at home. I have waited longer than 14 days for the installation of Fibre from Mweb / Openserve to home residence. The request was made on 23 February 2020. To date I have no received any feedback from Openserve...
  6. B

    Ditching Vuma for Openserve

    For the past 4 years, I have used Cell C + Vuma for my internet. I am on a 20mbps fibre line but I feel like we may need something a little faster. I have been very happy with Cell C as my ISP, their support is exceptional and their international capacity is reliable. I checked Cell-C's...
  7. Codilation

    Failed OpenServe installation

    OpenServe came and installed fibre at our new premises. They mentioned they are not seeing any lights on the ONT and that they have escaled it to their Cables department. How long does this usually take? We are moving because of no internet connectivity and my wife and I both work from Home.
  8. S

    Line Speed upgrade

    Hi Afrihost... When openserve announced there was to be a speed upgrade at no cost to the ISP, I was so happy, I never once got any speed upgrades during co-vid times... I am on a legacy 8meg line, so a few weeks ago Openserve announced a free line speed ugrade to 25meg down, so I was expecting...
  9. A

    Any foreseeable pitfalls here?

    Hi, I'm new to fibre and trying to help my elderly mom in Parkhurst, Jhb. Anything with more than 1 button or switch is a challenge :) . 1) Her laptop is currently used for emailing and some browsing. Both with a Huawei MiFi type dongle using a Telkom data contract (nearing expiry). She'd like...
  10. M

    Determine which NIP was used for an existing fibre installation?

    I've recently moved cities and need to install fibre as I work from home. The previous owners had fibre installed, so there is a connection in the house already, but is there any way to find out which infrastructure provider was used so I can just stick with them instead of paying for a new...
  11. T

    Openserve nothing bigger 200mbps ?

    While I am fairly content with my 200/100 line on openserve, It just bugs me tremendously that I have friends on Vumatel who pay more or less the same as me and are on a 1Gbps line! What is the deal with openserve, its 2020 and 1Gbps should offered to clients who need the extra speed. Is it...
  12. I

    Fiber speeds deviation

    hi guys, cannot find a similar thread so apologies if this has been asked before. Moved houses Recently and thereby from Vumatel provider 20/10 package to an Openserve package. 20/10 on Vuma via supersonic I consistently got advertised 20 down.(or slightly over) on Openserve via Bitco fiber...
  13. T

    FTTH for Bridgetown/Silvertown/Parktown/Kewtown area (Cape Town)

    It's been really crazy october. I started a petition for fibre at the beginning of this month to get people to vouch for fibre in our area. With the help of our community-based whatsapp and facebook groups, I managed to gather over 295 responses from the petition within to 2 weeks which was...
  14. G

    Openserve FTTH ISP

    Hi All I am considering to move over to Openserve FTTH and therefore I need feedback on the following ISP's listed below: Accelerit 100Mbps @ R1113 & 200Mbps @R1493 Afrihost 100Mbps @ R1117 & 200Mbps @R1497 AXXESS 100Mbps @ R1135 & 200Mbps @R1505 Firstnet 100Mbps @ R1115 & 200Mbps @R1495...
  15. A

    Spyware from Openserve ONT virus was trying to infect PC from Openserve ONT. Check your PCs if you have Openserve fiber installed.
  16. T

    Openserve Fibre line limited to 40mbps in some areas?

    Hi i need some clarification. Are some Openserve Fibre lines only limited to 40mbps? i am trying to upgrade my line to 100mbps and am told the line only supports up to 40mbps. is that true?
  17. V

    200mb Fibre for 8 people

    Hi guys and gals, I want some insight on this. We live on a small holding, theres 3 houses with a total of 8 people. I am getting a 200mbps Premium Uncapped fibre line installed and then splitting it to all the houses. I would say 6 of the people are heavy internet users (Games, Downloads...
  18. M

    Who and how to get Telkom/Openserve to bring Fibre in your Estate.

    Hi Guys, Is there someone who was involved in getting Telkom/Openserve to bring Fibre in their Estate/Complex and can you advise how you did it, Who you contacted and what is expected from you. Would really appreciate your feedback.
  19. S

    How to become an openserve contractor

    Hi Anyone with information on how to become an openserve contractor. I have a small IT and Telecoms company and looking at doing some fiber home installations for them. Your advise would be greatly appreciated. I tried contacting them and also Telkom but it seems like their operating openserve...
  20. A

    Moving from Openserve to MWEB

    I am battling to get anyone to assist me at Openserve to move my fibre line to Mweb.Telkom cant help, Openserve simply cannot be contacted so I do not know what to do any more. Apprently you have to ask Openserve to port or move your line because if you ask them to cancel it you will be without...