1. C

    Waiting on previous owner cancellation

    I have just moved house, and the previous owners did not cancel their FTTH line with Webafrica in time. Webafrica say that cancellation will only come into effect at the end of June. So now afrihost can't activate my line because there is an existing line held by web africa - that no one is...
  2. B

    Exfo - OTDR Machine (Registration will be checked)

    Good day We are looking for more second-hand OTDR machines from Exfo - registration details will be checked to ensure it's not stolen. If you have any for sale please send me a Private Message.
  3. B

    1Gbps fibre on Openserve

    Hi all, Anyone know if Openserve will be offering Fibre at 1Gbps or even 500Mbps? Thanks!
  4. C

    Best VPN to use in 2020?

    Hi, I would like to know what VPN's people are using in SA? What speeds are you getting? Are you able to watch Netflix, Hulu, BBC player etc?
  5. S

    Ftth setup question

    Hello, I moved in a complex with Vumatel fibre and it has the below item(DHS Zone router). I will collect a router from afrihost, Does the below item need to plug in a power adapter or do I just plug in a fibre router to its ethernet port to get internet? I had adsl before.
  6. medicnick83

    RSAWEB Black Friday Special 2019

    Looking for a new ISP? Well... now is the time - check this out: https://www.rsaweb.co.za/ftth-black-friday-cyber-monday/
  7. K

    Churchill Estate FTTH - Vumatel

    So recently Vumatel announced that they will be rolling out FTTH to our area in Churchill Estate, Parow, Cape Town Spoilt for choice when it comes to ISP's and speeds I spent some time looking, analyzing and deciding. I would like to document my experience that I have so far with the process...
  8. M

    Fibre providers - Parklands

    Does anyone know which fibre providers are active in Thetford Road, Parklands? My body corporate is refusing to work with Frogfoot for some reason and Octotel says that this road falls outside of their network.
  9. cobusv


    Hello Guys, has anyone tried out webconnection and what was your expierience? Pricing seems to be not bad for what you get? www.webconnection.co.za
  10. cobusv

    Fibre - Randfontein

    Just saw on Evotels website that fibre is finally coming to Randfontein, i'm sure that is some good news for the 'teiners! https://www.facebook.com/EvotelRandfontein/ www.evotel.co.za
  11. E

    Cool ideas worst isp for customer service! stay away!

    Seven days ago I signed up to Cool Ideas ISP for a new fibre line for the house I will be moving into. I was impressed that they were voted best ISP. I have not yet used their service the router is still unopened and there is no power going to the CPE box. I replied to one of their billing...
  12. Nod

    Accelerit Fibre

    Homepage: https://www.accelerit.co.za/fibre/ Anyone with experience with these guys?
  13. L

    how to setup a ftth connection with tp link archer d9?

    i want to setup a ftth connection from bsnl the new fibro uld pack 777 with a tp link archer d9 ac1900 wireless dual band gigabit adsl2+, modem router
  14. B

    Link africa?

    Has anyone heard of or done dealings with link africa, they are currently installing fiber in edenvale and i am curious as to what people have to say about them.
  15. J

    Vox FTTB the saviour ?

    Hey Everyone, My suburb is way too small to drive FTTH, meaning that we'd probably get Fibre once the whole of Cape Town is completed. Yesterday, I saw an OpenServe van at our local exchange, thought to have a chat: Guy confirmed that FTTH is not available yet, however, they just finished...
  16. FGRL

    Vodacom LTE-A vs Cool Ideas FTTH in Century City

    Quite simple one for all the Century City residents!! Which is better in terms of connectivity sustainability and speed tests (costs and “presumed” upload/download not applicable to this conversation).
  17. FGRL

    Vodacom LTE-A vs Cool Ideas FTTH in Century City

    Quite simple one for all the Century City residents!! Which is better in terms of connectivity sustainability and speed tests (costs and “presumed” upload/download not applicable to this conversation).
  18. M

    tserv1.jnb1.he.net - Which does *local* (<50ms) connectivity?

    Good day, So Vumatel is rolling out in my region, and I've been checking this situation with https://atlas.ripe.net/measurements/14787598/#!probes after I've had fall outs with VoX that doesn't want to route locally to tserv1.jnb1.he.net (only via London... it's a management decision... been...
  19. cavedog

    MTN SuperSonic Feedback

    So Openserve went live on 24 December 2018. I placed my order with SuperSonic on 25 December 2018. SuperSonic called me on 27 December 2018 to confirm my order and Tell me I don't have coverage :rolleyes: so when I told him check Openserve website coverage confirmed and account created and moved...
  20. L

    Struggling to get connections with the Faceless Vodacom

    I've applied for (1) a data deal, that was available during black-Friday till the 6th of December 2018, on the 3rd December and (2) Fibre to Home on 1st December. For the data deal, I received a call on the 15th Friday December that the product that I've applied for is no longer available, but...