Pathetic upgrades service


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Sep 19, 2016
Dear Vodacom,

Please be advised, I have handed over my issues with your company to a lawyer who will be in contact with you shortly.
I cannot wait another second to get this thing sorted out.
I am sick and tired of phoning you, sending hundreds of emails and receiving calls from you (staff and supervisors included) with no solution.

I have placed an order with the Vodacom upgrades department on 30 August 2016 and cancelled the order on the same day, an hour after I placed the order with no luck and have been battling ever since to get this cancelled.
Every call I receive is from a different person with different excuses. I do not know what type of business you are running, but it is very unprofessional and pathetic.

I have been a Vodacom customer for more than 10 years with 6 contracts running concurrently which costs me well around R3, 000.00 each and every month without skipping a payment and to be treated in this manner is utter BS.

Please note, this is to formally inform you that I have put a stop order on my bank account which will deny Vodacom access to debit from my account and no payment will be made until such time that this issue is corrected.

I refuse to pay any penalty of any sort as Vodacom is now in breach of an agreement whereby you are able to upgrade from month 22 already. This is clearly not the case and I demand that you either cancel all my contracts today at no additional charge or make this upgrade free with no monthly charges.

I just received a call from someone at the call centre at 10:42 AM saying it was cancelled on 13/09/2016 but this is what your website states: Looks like another incompetent person I have to deal with. I cannot let this continue for a month. Its taking THREE WEEKS now just to have this cancelled. Vodacom is the most pathetic company to deal with. I will resend this email continuously until the phone has been removed from your website and will repost this on all media platforms including Hello Peter, Facebook, Twitter, Vodacoms forum and the newspaper.


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Apr 5, 2012
Maybe you should send this to Vodacom themselves...


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Feb 26, 2007
Pro-tip: if you are going to send an angry email please ensure that your spelling, language and grammar are on point.


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Oct 17, 2005
I am sorry you are having issues. My mom has never ever had issues with them and have been with them for like 13 or 14 odd years, I can't remember exactly


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Apr 17, 2016
I promise you that you can rant till you are blue in the face. Vodacom cares so little about its customers, especially contract customers (they make up a small part of their revenue). But it's not just Vodacom, most every SA company couldn't give a hoot. The day that they loose 1million customers at once is they day that think about looking up. You can be spending R100,000 a month and they wouldn't care anymore for you than a R12 top up customer. Even MTN, who is bleeding customers, still hasn't batted an eye lid.