Powerline networking for fiber?


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Nov 22, 2014
Thanks for all the PT you did answering my question, especially finding the female presenter. Nice touch.
You are most welcome.
You can ask me at least one legal question if you like
Thank you, I am am sure that I will soon. We have far too many lay-people and legal wannabes on MyBB (myself included) and it would be refreshing and pretty cool to have a local "Jennifer Granick" in our corner :D

Our 2011 tv isn't a smart tv like other Sony Bravia models. We bought it a fraction too early so it's not 'ready'either, however the tv box provides the network capability.
Many would be sad, but the KDL-32EX400 is still fairly cool, not least because you do not have to worry about Weeping Angel https://wikileaks.org/vault7/#Weeping Angel (a nasty implant which ostensibly only affects Samsung TVs that was "stolen" from the CIA by The Shadow Brokers and is now in Julian Assange's hands).

More Blowin' in the Wind than Gone with the Wind, but yes!
LOL. OK, so my comment was deliberate bias, but at least we got a glimpse of your refined taste in music.

Please let us know how it goes? MOTH should consider doing a neat job, 'cos we like photographs :-D (just joking)
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