Quitting smoking tomorrow


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May 10, 2008
@Rocket-Boy Well done. There are still going to be temptations ahead, but they happen less frequently.

I have given up three times in my life:
6 months
9 months
and now six and a half years.

So please do not be as foolish as I was during the first two times.

FYI you have your best chance of giving up at your third serious attempt. (research has been done on this ) I think the reason is : when you first give up and the initial cravings are over , you think you won't be a smoker again , you get a bit cocky and at some stage you have a drag at a party or have high stress ect and within weeks end up smoking again . Next time giving up, going through the whole process again, you gain expierience and realise the consequences and that the easiest way is just not to smoke at all. This trial and error process is hard work and takes three serious attempts unless you are a quick learner or very very determined.


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Feb 3, 2004
It is getting easier day by day now.
Really struggled but its really great now.


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May 21, 2008
Time to take the plunge myself. But first I have to set a date.

Meanwhile I've been stockpiling:

Nicorette Microtabs 2mg.
Nicorette Nasal spray
Smarties and M&M's
Bottled water
Sacks of French Porn

Tried Patches and gum and they didn't work for me.:(

I've given up many things...but the smoking gene is so deeply entrenched in my DNA. It'll take a scientist armed with an electron microscope, a pitchfork, gumboots and a pair of tweezers to wade through a barnful of fibre optic cables to pull the Stuyvesant one.:D