SAA's customer services woes continue

And anyone expected anything different?

Beyond the principle issue of not wanting to support this drain on our economy, SAA have a long way to go to prove that they're a viable option to book flights on in my opinion, and making sweeping changes to your schedule at the last minute is not the way to prove that.
A better article would have been one describing how much they've improved. That would be a surprise. This is simply the norm.
All that time restructuring, wasting money to do so, and they've done nothing to improve processes and train their staff properly.
Article picture is rather ironic: dead (or soon to be dead) airline at a dead airport.
I’ll fly SAA. Compared to some options we have for flying to parts of Africa ide take SAA any day.
also I need to maintain my Staralliance status :)
It’s just the pains of restructuring and getting back on their feet. I’m sure it will pan out to work fine soon.
I for one am glad they started flying again.

It gave us the chance to use most of the useless pile of voyager miles we had but couldn't use. After this weekend they are welcome to suspend their operations again (as they inevitably will in the near future)
The airline owes money to thousands of travellers who booked tickets for flights that were cancelled in 2020 and 2021.

The situation is exacerbated by the fact that the airline’s refund department has allegedly been closed.

Well you need to be pretty naïve to trust them again. SAA becoming the SAPO of flying.

Tell you what, I'll not fly you to any destination for half the price that SAA won't fly you. That's a real bargain.