Seller/Buyer Feedback: Your Input Needed


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Hi all,

What does one do if no invoice is shared and warranty is less than promised? I approached the seller and was told that they will not be extending it to meet promised date.

This happened a little while ago but I only found this thread now. I found the seller here but this deal was initiated directly.

An extension would leave me R2k+ out of pocket...

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Perhaps a separate sub-forum for feedback on Sellers in the classifieds section - so it's easy to find a particular seller because the thread heading will be the sellers name and people can freely discuss experiences both good and bad. Especially people like flashgear who sell a lot on an ongoing basis. Also warnings etc. For example, I bought a Dell laptop with a warranty - except I wasn't told the warranty wouldn't be honoured by Dell if it wasn't in my name and in order to get in in my name I needed to supply the name of the previous owner, which flashgear was unable to give me - his solution was for me to just 'chill'. Fortunately that one worked out but people need to know about these sorts of situations before making a purchase and since discussion on the item being sold is not allowed, I don't know any other way except a separate sub-forum...
Yet another +1 for Flashgear, have bought quite a few machines from him and service has always been great and items exactly as advertised. Highly recommend!!


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More votes for Flashgear. Bought 3 laptops from him over the last 2 months, all for collection, and had no issues. Paid EFT in advance, sent him POP, and then went to collect.


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Another Flashgear vote.
Bought a notebook, also paid EFT, sent POP and then went for collection.
No issues. He kept me updated on status, and all went smoothly.


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One more Flashgear vote.
Have bought a Surface Pro 4, one Dell XPS and a Lenovo T460s. All transactions went smoothly and my clients are super happy,which makes me happy.


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Another +1 for Flashgear.

Bought a surface pro 4 last year sometime and the surface book performanced based last week. Smooth transaction process.:)
And another +1 For FlashGear!

I bought the exact same from him over a year ago (Surface Pro 4) and then yesterday the surface book performance based i7 16GB version. Same awesome experience and insane fast delivery!

Would highly recommend him any day!

Oh and Ps: I got my invoice :D
@MODS some users cant seem to post here due to permissions errors, can you shed any light on this or check if its anything on your side? @rpm
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@MODS some users cant seem to post here due to permissions errors, can you shed any light on this or check if its anything on your side? @rpm
Probably related to posting permissions:

Before you can post an ad you must be a member for at least a month and have a minimum 30 posts (similar to some other parts of the forum).
No dealers may post here (we have a dealers section for that).