Telkom LIT Android media box - Tips/Tricks/Apps thread


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Apr 11, 2008
Telkom recently launched its new LIT Android media box, so I thought we could create a thread minus all the launch drama. There was a fair amount. You can refer here if you'd like to read more about that.

The device is a rebranded 4K HDR OTT TV Box DV8219 Powered by Android TV

Note: At one point this box was referred to as a TVC-100 which was a typo error. It is a TVB-100 (TV Box) There is no such model as a TVC-100



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What OS does this Android box use? Android TV 7.1.2

Can I install apps on a SD Card rather than the internal memory?? Yes, you can, click here for details

What apps are supported out-of-the-box? The device comes with Google apps, Youtube, ShowMax installed. You can install DSTV Now and Supersport from the Play Store. (Netflix and Apple Music) not officially supported.

How do I sideload an app that I want? (ES File Explorer is available for download in the Google Play store)

Sideload Launcher for Android TV available on Google Play Store here

Where can I find safe APK's to download?

How does the casting work? I tried the casting last night from the latest ver of Google Chrome 61.0.3163.100 64-bit and I was quite impressed. To me, it seems more responsive than a google chromecast, but that could just be the extra CPU and GPU power this box has over a CC. Over a wireless connection I had no issues with quality, connectivity, stuttering whatsoever. I streamed DSTV Now website in 720p for over an hour without issue. One thing I did notice was that when I tried to cast from Netflix, the box would attempt to stream but would not no matter what I tried. I could select the user profile, but that is as far as it got. It would get stuck on the loading screen.

Logitech Harmony remote supports box now. When adding device, search for:

Manufacturer: Telkom
Device: TVB-100

To disable screensaver, need to enable ADB (Android Debug Bridge)

-- Enable ADB
1. Go to “Settings” at the bottom of LeanbackLauncher
2. Select “About” icon at the top row, most right side
3. Press “Build” button, located at the bottom for 7 times.
4. Go back “Home” and Go to “Settings” again, Developer options are now available on the System Preferences row, right most side.

-- How to connect with ADB to your device @
1. Install ADB on PC on the network
2. Get network IP of Litbox in network settings or info
3. For me it was: adb connect

-- Set custom screensaver sleep time @

Get current sleep timeout with:
adb shell settings get secure sleep_timeout
adb shell settings get system screen_off_timeout

Set new sleep timeout:
adb shell settings put secure sleep_timeout -1
adb shell settings put system screen_off_timeout 2147460000
- thanks Tinuva

Known Issues

Ver. A06 and A07 boxes exist. A07 has Bluetooth and 5.0Ghz Wi-Fi, the A06's dont.

Intermittent connectivity issues have been reported, both via WiFi and LAN.

Settings - TV Settings keeps crashing in settings. Factory reset, but first try power cycle all devices.

Side Loaded apps don't display on home screen, to fix please use below. Available on Google Play store.

To add a side-loaded app to your "app and games" row on the home screen you can download a app called TV App Repo which allows you to create a shortcut.
- thanks Sans

DSTV Now - ver. 1.42.4

Download and install official version from Play Store

Supersport - ver. 4.3.0

Download and install official version from Play Store

Netflix -

Download and install the original Netflix APK here ver 4.16.200147 This version has the best UI, but is not capable of HD video. If you want HD video you need a modded APK which is available here To ensure that your HD video is working, you can search for Test Patterns on SA Netflix to check your resolution and bitrate Until such time as LIT supports Netflix officially, the sound comes through as STEREO if you have your AVR selected to AUTO. If you manually select the correct sound (DTS, DD, etc) for the video that you are watching, then it comes through in the correct format.

Plex -

Download and install official version from Play Store.

If 5.1 is what you want in Kodi...

In Kodi do the following:
1. Go to settings -> system
2. Make sure you on expert settings
3. Then go to audio
4. Set speakers to Stereo or 2.0
5. Then set that your AVR supports Dolby Digital
6. Another option will become available, that you can encode non DD audio to DD. This will allow video eps with AAC 5.1 audio for example to work, since this box doesnt support PCM 5.1 ect.
- thanks Tinuva

Kodi -

Download and install official version from Play Store.

Terrarium TV -

Download and install official version from Play Store.

Ad free version can be downloaded below (updated 19/11/2017)


premium sources available here

VLC Media Player -

Download and install official version from Play Store. Playback issues reported

A big thanks to everyone in the original thread who took the time and effort to get all the information together, good team effort guys! :)

Thanks Dolby for the additional info below on an IR extender
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Jan 23, 2013
a "Massive" improvement - looking good

Mod can we get this Stickied?
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Jul 6, 2009
If you get the system language defaulting to Korean after a restart.

While it is in Korean, go to the TV Settings>HDMI CEC option and change the Auto change language setting to off.


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Jun 9, 2008

Is there a way to install Apps on a SD Card on the Telkom LIT TVB-100? I've inserted a SD Card but cannot move my apps to the SD Card. Even new apps are not installed on the SD Card

Any ideas?


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Oct 24, 2005
I had to shut down my LIT Media Box to get TV Settings to work.

I also had to change the setting under TV Settings for what pressing the Power Button do.

Mine was set to standby. I changed it to Shutdown because my Media Box would keep on changing the TV Source automatically whenever I put it in Standby.

What happened is the following:

I press the power button on the remote to go in standby.
I change the Source on my TV from HDMI 1 (Media Box) to HDMI 3 (DSTV). Then it would change to HDMI 1 again after a few seconds.

Anyone have the same problem?


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Jul 2, 2012
Nothing wrong with the MyGica ATV 495 Pro or even 495x . It has adequote Widevine certification to run Dstv Now etc. and Netflix straight from the Play Store without worries - no need for side loading anything.


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Jan 31, 2005
What is in the tv settings havent factory reset so not working
*Display (Screen Resolution / Screen Position / HDR to SRD / SDR to HDR)

*HDMI CEC (CEC Switch / One Key Play / One Key Power off / Auto Language

*Playback Settings (HDMI Self Adaptation)

*Sound (Dolby Sounds / Digital Sounds / DTS Sounds)

*Powerkey Definition (Sleep / Shutdown / Restart)


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Jan 31, 2005
On the multichannel sound on Plex, I had no issues with the standard Dolby Digital or DTS. I had issues with the latest TrueHD multichannel though.