Telkom will work hard to remove association with poor service

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Telkom will work hard???? Which year will this be?
Let's see:
Its October 2018- you cannot cancel a Telkom line without serious difficulty. Its hard to get services installed, getting a line moved is even harder than pulling your own teeth.
Their whole ADSL division needs to be taken behind the shed and put out of its misery. If they were serious about this, they would push to unbundle the local loop and allow other companies to manage the last mile infrastructure.
My experience with Telkom the past year or a little more has been nothing but exemplary since switching away from Crystal Web to their HomeUnlimited package.

Then last week my internet died...and ever since I've been waiting with "In Progress- A technician has been assigned".

At some point one did pop out last week only to state that he can't actually do anything and it will now go to a different team.

Calling this morning they claim people have been on site all day...yet I know exactly where the two manholes are related to my line and absolutely nobody has been about.

I understand that **** happens but COMMUNICATION is the bloody key Telkom. If you actually converse with me and keep me informed then I will stand down and relax....but waiting for 7+ days and hearing nothing doesn't help.
They will take the Post Office out of Telkom?* That will be the day.

*saying goes: You can take Telkom out of the Post Office, but you cannot take the Post Office out of Telkom
What is curious is that things did improve drastically with Telkom until approximately November 2017, after which things took a turn for the worst and progressively worsened.
Oh dear. ‘Working towards looking at’ the Telkom of things is such an arduous task. The July ‘ rapid multi regional customer service task force’ was obviously stymied by their IT systems .
Must need proper guidance, maybe SARS could spare Mmamathe Makhekhe-Mokhuane to help out for a while.
“We acknowledge there are big problems. A big part of that problem has been a lack of communication.”

“we are looking at creating rapid, multi-regional facilities that can address issues, and customers can walk out with their issues resolved,”

“I've put a team to prioritise service improvements - an initial multi-pronged task team of 20 people. We're not just leaving it at the call centre.”

“the task force will be in place by the end of August. We are rolling out the end-to-end customer contact service centres. “
Telkom will work hard to remove association with poor service

Telkom is working towards addressing issues of poor service and will strive to give customers a great experience with the company.

This is a statement from Serame Taukobong, CEO of small business and consumer at Telkom, who was speaking at the 2018 MyBroadband Conference.

Yes Liam, but can you ask Serame "how" he plans on doing it? Thanks in advance and await your feedback.
My Telkom ADSL line was cancelled, without me requesting it.

So the quickest way to get it resolved was to order a new service.

It is now stuck in the order status for 3 weeks.

Some kind of system problem apparently...

I have given up and hoping for Fibre to come.

It is going to take years and a complete change of managements to turn Telkom around.
I detest anything Telkom, I am forced to use them in certain areas, but as soon as a alternative is available, I move.
Telkom will never change, they are one of the worst telecommunications companies in the world.
I have zero sympathy or respect for them. The sooner they collapse the better.
What they have done to me personally is a beyond demonic.
I will never shed a tear for them.
Maybe I have a chip on my shoulder, but with good reason.
These clowns failed to supply me a fixed line look a like after 5 attempts.
1st 3 attempts were cancelled 2 weeks after i placed the order by the 'system'
4th attempt, the courier company refused to deliver the order because Telkom didn't provide FICA documents.
After a few calls and a rant on Twitter, on the 5th attempt they delivered a sim card with no phone.
now i'm waiting for a refund for my deposit.
Clowns i tell ya !!!
It ain't fixed yet. But at least there are senior people there who know that there's a problem and who are presumably working hard to fix it. That's a good thing, and worth supporting.

Sadly, it's not possible to do so while Telkom is majority owned by the State (40% gov, 11% PIC) and highly regulated. That means it's a playground for politicians and their social fantasies.
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