The Alfa Romeo Giulia Thread


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May 30, 2007
The Alfa Romeo Giulia Is Off To A Rough Start

Some first-drive reviews in Europe reveal stereotypically Alfa-esque problems that don’t exactly inspire confidence. Alfa Romeo seems like a stuck record, its needle unable to play past a reputation for poor quality.

One Giulia was wheeled off like an A&E casualty after the infotainment system failed. Another I drove had an engine warning light screaming for attention from the instrument binnacle, and the cruise control refused to switch on.

A third car tested suffered a frozen infotainment system, which could only be brought back to life by stopping the car and switching the ignition off and back on, and at times some air vents stopped blowing air whilst others continued. One colleague suffered jammed parking sensors, so they drove around with the car going “beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep”.

Granted, the cars on this launch were likely pre-production models, which often do not have 100 percent perfect and finalized electronics, gearbox calibration or fit and finish. But even these issues seem a bit extreme for a press test. It’s not really an example of Alfa Romeo putting its best foot forward to journalists
But the cars still drove, right? :)

That's a win for Alfa.


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Nov 21, 2013
Cruise control is disabled on most if not all cars when the MIL light is on anyway... Not sure how cruise control not working makes it worse!

With regards to PDC, if a car is parked in the sun, it does sometimes happen that it will constantly beep. Happened on the A6 once and on the Megane once too. Both had factory installed PDC

Barring that, these cars should not have those issues and Alfa better learn from this.


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Aug 9, 2009
Like pretty much everything about this new ride. I see one big oversight...for the petrol options there is the new 2L T with 200bhp & then gigantic gap till 500bhp+ Cloverleaf model.

There should easily add a 250bhp model & then a 350bhp model (like an "S" in Audi speak).