The Kia Stinger Thread


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Aug 9, 2009
Special (AWD) Kia Stinger GTS revealed ... with drift mode!

The limited-edition Kia Stinger GTS has been revealed at the 2019 New York International Auto Show, complete with a newly developed all-wheel-drive system that includes a dedicated drift mode.

The Korean automaker says just 800 units will be built (presumably all for North America).

Kia claims the new all-paw arrangement is “peppered with rear-wheel drive DNA” and “inspires more spirited driving”. It’s called “D-AWD”, with Kia claiming it closes the gap in behaviour between the all- and rear-driven Stinger GT derivatives.

A mechanical limited-slip rear differential has been thrown into the mix, designed to enhance traction and distribute power (from the unchanged 272 kW/510 N.m twin-turbo, 3,3-litre V6) more evenly between the rear wheels when slip is detected.

The drive mode select has also been tweaked, with the comfort setting sending 60 percent of power to the rear, sport mode upping that number to 80 percent and drift mode sending all of the oomph to the rear axle and holding the eight-speed automatic transmission’s gears without upshifting.

The Stinger GTS features a new orange paint colour as well as carbon-fibre trim for items such as the grille surround, side-mirror caps and side vents. It also gains “GTS” badging at the rear, with a “Stinger” emblem replacing the Kia logo on the boot lid.

In South Africa, only a limited number of rear-wheel-drive versions of the Stinger GT were offered, with the all-wheel-drive variant not making it to our shores.



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Feb 16, 2018

Either cheating the system or another very small allocation arrived at the tail end of 2018 or during 2019.
Think more likely cheating. There's a blue one at the Centurion dealership (GP), that car has been sitting there for some months now, probably labelled '19 as well.