TM Out of data error fix when you KNOW you have data


Sep 27, 2007
This happens with TM if you're using a Telkom Mobile only data bundle and your device cannot get a TM signal, so it automatically roams on MTN. You do not have an active "All Networks" bundle, so TM shows you the airtime/spend limit reached screen. (Yes I know TM recently did away with TM specific bundles, but many are still on contracts which include them, and unfortunately these don't get migrated).

Annoying I know, but easy to fix:

Go into your modem software's Tools menu and click Options, and under Network select the Registration tab at the top, then "manual search and register" tab and hit the Refresh button. This will scan for available networks, and display the results. Select 8ta/Telkom Mobile in the list of networks found, and then click Register. This will force your modem not to automatically roam on when the signal gets bad on a specific network.

I have included a screenshot of the Telkom Mobile dashboard, with the relevant parts highlighted. Even if your dashboard looks slightly different, the steps should still be the same. ;)