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  1. C

    Cell C - Data Bundle Extension

    Hello, With reference to Cell C having taken action by allowing customers to extend data bundle expiration dates, by purchasing additional data: Please can you answer these questions for me: 1) Is it possible to extend my existing "Cell C 100 GIGA" 12 month prepaid data bundle that expires on...
  2. D

    Data / SMS Theft!

    However I try to think of a reason, I am at a loss to understand the justification for the expiry concept. (Other than making money for nothing out of us) In my language, it is just plain theft. I buy a 'commodity' from a supplier and they take it away before I have finished using it . . ! I...
  3. V

    Expiry of data and airtime/minutes on contracts

    I want to start this thread to hear everybody's opinion about the expiry of data and airtime/ minutes. What mobile operators are doing is you pay for 1gb of data and if you don't use it all within 60 days it 'expires'. Why does something I paid for expire? I have never had Total come...
  4. C

    The Curious Case of the 1GB Data Bundle That Expired in June, 1911

    The Curious Case of the 1GB Data Bundle That Expired in 1911 About two nights ago, my mother purchased a 7-day 1GB data bundle on her Vodacom prepaid sim. Confirmation was received that the bundle had been loaded, and she had checked Detailed Balances via SMS using *111#. It said that the...
  5. J

    Choice of Mobile ISP

    Hi There, Pretty much new to forums and this is my first post. So here goes:) I am looking for advice. since we have much choice of where who we want to signup with on the mobile ISP and 4G spectrum being the big players etc. I would like to find out from the community...
  6. B

    Missing Data

    Where should i begin, on Tuesday afternoon the 21/02/2017 i bought 10 GB of data from telkom for my pre paid modem as i have done for the last 6 months. This data usually reflects within 15 seconds of purchase, but this time nothing was received. On Wednesday morning 22/02/2017 i phoned and...
  7. M

    Unable to buy bundles

    Hey all. Anyone else finding it impossible to buy a data bundle from Vodacom? Not via USSD, not via Nedbank, Standard, or ABSA. Tried calling the call center, but got "we are awarevof the issue, but we can't help you." Am I just getting "preferential" treatment? I must admit, it could be my...
  8. S

    Pre-paid Data Bundle

    Which service provider provides a flat data bundle allocated for the whole year based on a once off purchase, especially a package whereby you use your current sim?
  9. P

    No Night Surfer data showing on LTE contract this month?

    Does anyone else have this problem? When I check my available data balance on the Telkom mobile website I only see my normal data bundle and no Night Surfer like I normally see. Wondering whether they have done away with the night surfer or if it is just my bundle that has a problem?
  10. F

    TM Out of data error fix when you KNOW you have data

    This happens with TM if you're using a Telkom Mobile only data bundle and your device cannot get a TM signal, so it automatically roams on MTN. You do not have an active "All Networks" bundle, so TM shows you the airtime/spend limit reached screen. (Yes I know TM recently did away with TM...
  11. M

    Vodacom Data Out Of Bundle Data Bill Issues

    Hi Guys, So I have quite a big issue. I have a newish contract that I moved from a Top Up Contract to an open ended contract. Problem is that I got my latest bill and the additional amount just for data is R2700! Now I looked at my data usage in my phone settings and its probably right as I...
  12. J


    Hi in case you were wondering it's "What The Actual Data F***" MTN?! I'm getting blocking messages saying my data has been used. This happened end of last month, early this month as well. Yet when I check my balance *141*, I have all of 24 sms's and 600mb+ of data left. Granted, no...
  13. Kevin Lancaster

    Mobile data bundle: SA price comparison

    Mobile data bundle price comparison With hikes to Cell C’s data bundle prices taking effect, this is where the company’s offerings now stand in the market
  14. R

    Will R1800 60GB+60GB data package work with LTE at LTE speeds or only 3g?

    Hi, I have Telkom mobile 3g which works well (11mbit/sec). I want to buy the R1800 60GB+60GB data package. If I upgrade my hardware (4g modem, antenna, sim card) to LTE (I do have coverage) will the R1800 data package work at the LTE speeds? OR is the R1800 package for 3g only? Thanks, Rob
  15. F

    3G/4G MTN Mobile Data from R59pm

    Hi MyBroadband users, We are excited to announce that we have officially launched our 3G/4G LTE MTN data from R59pm! - Data is offered at up to 50% cheaper than direct from MTN. - Pricing is not promotional and does not expire, it is...
  16. M

    Vodacom once off data bundle unannounced changes

    I have a vodacom contract and usually purchase once off bundles. A few months ago I started buying 5Gb once off bundles which together with the night owl data lasts me 2 months. I purchased a 5Gb once off data bundle on the 3rd of May. I never received any night owl data and noticed the...
  17. Espee

    The best/cheapest way to get mobile data without the high costs.

    Everyone with a smartphone (Blackberry not included) have experienced how quickly your data can disappear without warning. I have found 4 ways by which I get through the month with medium to high data usage without the extreme costs. 1. Firstly sign with the operator which gives you the...
  18. SmellyCelly

    What's the best company to get 3G data from?

    What's the best company to get data from? After having a CellC 3G data sim card, a Vodacom one and an Afrihost one, I can confidently say that Afrihost is my number one choice on all levels. They have the best prices, the best quality in terms of reception and speed, as well as the best...
  19. jes

    MTN data promo prices made permanent

    MTN data promo prices made permanent MTN has issued a press statement to further confirm the permanence of its previous promotional prices
  20. M

    is 300mb for an iPhone4 enough for a month?

    I'm worried about 300mb not being enough per month for me on my Vodacom contract. I doubt I'd really browse web sites that much, the apps that I'll run would be: Whatsapp Twitter Facebook email Instagram That's basically it.