Unable to see Telkom LTE network


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Jul 7, 2014
I have 2 different blackberry phones(PRIV, Key One , Key2), each purchased from Vodacom, which I believed were not network locked.

I recently switched to Telkom Mobile and have noticed that LTE is not available to either for these phones. I am able to access LTE on every other network with these phones except for Telkom.

The kicker is that is I install the 4G Switcher app then I am able to manually switch to Telkom LTE and get the expected speeds. YES I am in an LTE area and signal is strong.

Also if I use the simcard in a wifi device I am able to pick up LTE.

I have called Blackberry who have said it is a network issue and I then contacted Telkom who say they have no idea why and the only possible issue is that the phone is not LTE compliant.

I have also tried resetting the phones.

If this was the case then why would be able to access LTE via the 4G Switcher app if the hardware was not compliant?

Does anyone have any Ideas why this is the case? It is driving me insane.