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  1. M

    How to start reselling Internet: Telkom LTE and MTN LTE

    Hi everyone. So im looking to start a small business in the IT industry and thought that reselling internet can be an added service I offer. Just want to find out where do I start with applying for a resellers account? Can be for other networks aswell(not limited, to Telkom LTE and MTN...
  2. C

    Can I cancel Telkom LTE contract if I was removed from the coverage zone??

    Hi I am currently on the SmartBroadband Wireless 50GB deal on Telkom LTE and it was working decently up and till lockdown started. Now I am aware of the congestion issues relating to lockdown so I expected a week or so of intermittent connection. Unfortunately, it hasn't gone back to what it...
  3. J

    Telkom LTE problems

    Telkom LTE problems Telkom users are reporting problems with the operator’s mobile network, specifically the stability of its LTE connectivity. Downdetector has reported possible Telkom network problems since around 08:00 on Monday 6 April.
  4. Doom5003

    Telkom LTE help

    So since a few weeks ago my speed on Telkom LTE has gone down the drain. Used to be able to get 8MB dl easy, but now only getting 1MB dl, no matter the time of day. Still getting full signal, and changing between 1800 en 2300 has no effect. Even tried using sim in my phone, shows LTE+ and...
  5. K

    Best router for Telkom Fixed LTE

    Hi, Does anyone have advice regarding routers compatible with the Telkom Fixed LTE network? Which is the best router you can buy that supports the telkom LTE network?
  6. MrOpprtunity

    Low upload speeds with Telkom LTE

    Hi guys, I'm getting full bars on my HUAWEI B525 LTE router, download speeds between 10-15mbps but my upload speeds is non excistend. Using internal antenna on router, googled all the tips i could find, must i get an poynting external antenna or is there a setting i'm missing? Not a techie at...
  7. C

    Fixed LTE for gaming

    Hi all, I recently moved to Richard's bay and unfortunately cannot get fibre or adsl. I game a lot particularly COD and the like, and as we all know mobile network and NAT do not go well together. From my research it seems having an unrestricted APN is the only possibility of getting NAT...
  8. F

    Overwatch (Blizzard Game) Cant connect to server via Telkom LTE

    Hi Guys. Im trying to find out of anyone has the same issue. I cant connect to the Overwatch Servers. When I log into the game its says "Entering Game" and then "Lost connection". Switching to my phones internet as a hotspot, it has no issues logging in. I have added a Route trace below but I...
  9. WebAfrica Helper

    The Official Webafrica Telkom LTE Feedback Thread

  10. WebAfrica Helper

    The Official Webafrica Telkom LTE Feedback Thread

    Visit Webafrica:
  11. L

    Unable to see Telkom LTE network

    I have 2 different blackberry phones(PRIV, Key One , Key2), each purchased from Vodacom, which I believed were not network locked. I recently switched to Telkom Mobile and have noticed that LTE is not available to either for these phones. I am able to access LTE on every other network with...
  12. S

    Huawei B315s-936 LTE Router [SOLD]

    SOLD Item name: Huawei B315s-936 LTE Router Age and condition: 2 years old, excellent condition, See photos attached Do you include packaging: No Warranty: No Reason for selling: Upgraded, no longer needed Price: R500 Negotiable: No Location: Queenswood, Pretoria Shipping or collection...
  13. N

    Telkom LTE APN

    Hello Everyone i just loaded Another 20 gigs last night so i was not able to use my sim for a while. this morning i wake up and i notice the "TelkomInternet" APN is not working anymore. then i change to the Default TelkomSA APN and i fire up my counter strike server and go to
  14. R

    Telkom Dreadful Service Levels

    Perhaps anyone in this forum can point me in the right direction? I am very Frustrated with Telkom’s poor service levels! I went into the Menlyn store on the 15th of November 2017 to upgrade a 50Gb LTE (month to month) contract to 100Gb (month to month) The consultant was not properly...
  15. N

    Telkom Coverage Map - is it All LTE ??

    Hello MyBroadband i Just Checked the Telkom Coverage, Tokai is Fully Covered but its Pink. is the Dark Pink LTE? how do i Check LTE-A ? Thanks
  16. B


    Hi everyone. I am looking for an uncapped LTE contract takeover. People willing to tranfer please contact me and others looking for the same thing also join the discussion. Thanks
  17. C

    Telkom LTE download great but upload nothing

    Hi, We are streaming live church services and daily devotionals but have a problem with our Telkom upload speed. I have set the modem to 4g 1800Mhz and get download speeds regularly more than 30 Mbits/s but my upload is never more than 1. Here are some results. 9/8/2017 8:58 AM 19...
  18. J

    Telkom sales agent pestering to change from Telkom ADSL to LTE

    Hi y'all I hope someone can help clear this up. My manager is being pestered by a lady claiming to be from Telkom, she's been phoning him to sell him some kind of LTE package which apparently has a cap of 20gb. This for some R290 (some-odd) per month, claiming that she can see he has ADSL...
  19. V

    Anyone in Brackfenfell having issues with Telkom LTE?

    For the last 2 months (since October) I've been having issues with my Telkom LTE service, where my signal dropped from 4-5 bars to 1 bar and I frequently need to reboot (about every 2 days). My speed went from 35Mbps to up to 6Mbps. My Huawei B315s is forced to connect to 2300 Mhz spectrum...
  20. H

    Telkom Mobile Down?

    Anyone else have Signal but zero throughput on the Home Network and Roaming 3G+LTE at the moment?