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  1. B

    Telkom LTE Router (and Dongle)

    Hi there, I'm currently experiencing some difficulties with my Telkom LTE (as I type this I wonder how many people have started a thread with this exact same sentence). So here goes: Telkom LTE Router stopped working last Saturday. I was told by Telkom to reset the router - after the...
  2. L

    Diminishing LTE Speeds - Southern Suburbs / Cape Town

    Hey Guys So i recently got myself the Telkom Uncapped Mobile Broadband Wireless 3 Package... After getting home and connecting everything up i was really happy with the speeds / Latency and stability while using the service 30-40Mb\s down - 15-25Mb\s UP and Jitter always seemed to idle around...
  3. D

    TELKOM Package Issue

    Hi Eveyone Please help me, i took out a SmartBroadband Wireless 20GB + Huawei B315 package for R 399.00 per month. How do i change the package to the current uncapped packages that they offer?:confused: The contact is now only been active for the last thre (3) months. I tried...
  4. V

    Telkom LTE Blocking Teamviewer

    Hi, Not sure if this post is directed under the correct Discussion Group... We have 10 Licensed Channels with Teamviewer and since this morning we cannot make any outgoing connections to clients. Called Teamviewer support and connected to their Pc's internationally with no issues at all...
  5. D

    Telkom LTE Speed Problems dropped from 50mbs to 8mbs

    Anyone here on Telkom LTE? Recently my speed has dropped from 30-50mbs to if I'm luck 7 - 20mbs. Last night tested all my equipment and suspected that my Poynting Dual Polarised High Gain LTE Antenna may be defective. After testing, it wasn't, but what i did discover is that using my bunny...
  6. N

    VOIP + telkom lte uncapped or adsl + landline

    Hi guys From your opinion what would you guys suggest for my business, this is the second branch we opening up and the lte uncapped deal by telkom is available. At the first branch, my telkom bill is generally between R2000-R3000, including the adsl line and analogue etc. So do you guys think...
  7. P

    Telkom Mobile APN

    Yesterday I set up my Telkom Mobile LTE sim card in my own Huawei B315 router. It works perfectly, but I notice that the APN was automatically acquired and set to 8ta. The online structions say to use the APN TelkomInternet. I am reluctant to change it, since it is all up and running. My...
  8. I

    Telkom 4G/LTE Tower Southcrest Alberton

    Hi All Anyone know the closest Telkom 4G/LTE tower near Southcrest, Alberton? Cheers
  9. A

    Vodafone B2000 (Huawei B593) work with telkom mobile sim?

    Will a Vodafone B2000 (it's actually the Huawei B593) LTE router work work with telkom mobile sim. I am looking at getting LTE from telkom pre paid as I hate contracts and I already have a Vodacom router but I'm worried it's locked to vodacom or that it might not work with telkom sim.
  10. T

    Telkom LTE on iPad Air (A1475) and iPhone 5s (A1530), does it work?

    Hi guys, I did many searches and found some old info saying that the iPad Air (model A1475) doesn't connect to Telkom's LTE band (2300MHz). Is that information still correct?. I have an LTE router and a contract with Telkom and my idea was to get multi sim for 2 iPad Air and also for 2 iPhone...
  11. M

    Telkom Mobile LTE Advanced

    speedtest in another area near me :love: :) i get OVER! 2 Megabytes per Second {Proof:} in my area Huawei P8 Smartphone you telling me i cant get Telkom Mobile 100 GB + 100 GB...
  12. M

    Telkom Mobile Question

    hello MyBroadband. im looking to sign up to Telkom mobile 100 gigabytes with Huawei LTE-A router. would it be ok to get a LTE-A Router for a area that is only 4G LTE compatible? :) i get 3 Megabytes per second on my Huawei P8 Smartphone. 7 Megabytes per Second {iPhone 5S} in another area near me...
  13. W

    Telkom SmartBroadband Wireless LTE-A 50 GB

    Hi, How long should I expect to wait for a SmartBroadband Wireless LTE-A sim only (month to month) contract to be approved ? I have been waiting for more than two days now and the consultant can not give me any information as to why I'm waiting so long for a damn sim card. Frustrated !!
  14. Kevin Lancaster

    Telkom LTE and LTE-A customers to get more data

    Telkom LTE and LTE-A customers to get more data Telkom will migrate its Home and Business LTE and LTE-A plans to the recently-introduced SmartBroadband Wireless deals.
  15. niVoque

    Telkom Uncapped LTE Deal - My Trials So Far...

    Hey guys. So this is my first post, but with all the flak that Telkom is getting from this deal I was hesitant to opt in to it, however I did because the line speeds are TERRIBLY poor in my current area (Mulbarton) I though I should provide you all with some facts and figures (which should...
  16. T

    Telkom LTE Advanced Contracts, how to get?

    Hi Anyone been able to get a Telkom LTE Advanced contract from Telkom I have been trying to get the 100GB 36 Month with a free router and MiFi for R1499 pm you cannot order over the phone and no one in the stores seems to have it listed on their deal sheets?? Here is the link...
  17. C

    Telkom LTE 100gb for business - concerns

    Hi Guys, We are investigating different internet options for our 30 man business. One of the things we have been offered by OfficeGuru is the Telkom LTE-A package with 100gb of data. Based on our current download trends 100gb will suffice (looking at firewall history), and the guy came to...
  18. B

    Best LTE Sandown (in and around willowbrook pl)

    I am looking at switching from ADSL to LTE (or hybrid). I currently have 10 mbps telkom ADSL uncapped but never get faster than 2.5mpbs. LTE looks like a promising option. MTN covers Sandown completely (at least on their map) but only have 20GB+20GB option. I use on average about 50-80GB per...
  19. S

    ISP on Telkom LTE

    I am considering subscribing to a Telkom LTE deal. R199 for 3GB/ month. I was informed by the sales lady that i will be able to use my own (uncapped) ISP on the Huawei B593 Router. I cannot find any literature to confirm this. Should I or shouldn't I go Telkom LTE?
  20. J

    Telkom LTE Router speeds

    I need some info or an explanation on telkom speeds on the lte router. On i am getting speeds up to 25mb per second. When I download or upload from any server I do not get close to what is showing. On download i get maybe 2mb per second and upload 700 kbs. Please...