Vista USB Internet Sharing Poblems

Jul 22, 2009

I have a Windows Vista Home Premium HP laptop. I connect my Samsung Omnia via usb to the laptop in order to use the Internet Sharing of the phone to gain access to the Net.

My problem that I recently found out is that Vista is always dropping this USB connection to my phone. So I would be busy surfing the Net and for no reason my usb connection to the phone will drop. I also tested it with my mates Xperia phone, and the same happens. So it can't be phone or cable related, has to be WINDOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has been doing this since the first time I connected my phone via usb to the laptop.

Does anyone have a idea of what can be wrong?

Thank you


Expert Member
May 7, 2007
downgrade to xp until win 7 is release I have had no issues like that with XP. I connect like that at home as well with my S740 and no problems