1. G

    Windows Vista Basic

    I am permanently disabled and only receive a tiny SASSA disability grant. My situation is this: Someone gave a "broken" laptop to me. It has a MS Vista Basic logo and Licence Key (underneath) There was no recovery partition on the hard drive I cannot afford to BUY a new...
  2. V

    Cell C MF668 speedstick

    Hi. Is anyone else trying "windows 8 consumer preview" and getting issues with their speedsticks? Mine worked fine on Vista, but doesn't get picked up on Win 8 preview? Help please as I am desparate to be able to use it.:confused:
  3. NeonNinja

    Who else thinks Windows 8 will be skipped just like Vista?

    And instead upgrade straight to Windows 10 because they decided to make things the (conventional) Windows ways again.
  4. Z

    Removing Vista from Dual Boot.

    A while ago I set up a dual boot using Xp and Vista. Besides being crap the Vista OS is also unstable, so I never use it. But it's using up a 80Gb partion which I now need. So how can I get rid of it without messing up the whole MBR Bootldr boot.ini thing. I am not too comfortable with these...
  5. T

    Vista's dead, right? Not so... London 2012 Olympics will run on Vista.

    Found this on El Reg : Poor techies :D I'm so glad I don't have to support that kludge... :D:D Sauce :
  6. G

    Problems installing Autopage Cellular Cell C ZTE MF190

    I am having major problems installing my husband's and my new Autopage Cellular Cell C 24 GB promotional ZTE MF190 modem and getting the whole incompatible thing to work. That red eye-like light on the modem is the most I've ever had from it. We have a laptop running Windows Vista Home Basic...
  7. Derrick

    Vista will ruin the world. Here is the debate…

    In asnwer to Antowan’s previous post, I have to raise one or two minor issues. We now have more computing power on our desks than NASA had in the sixties. And how do we use this phenominal power? We allow Microsoft to make nauseating little windows with fuzzy edges that looks like fish paste...
  8. Derrick

    Vista will rule the world. There is no debate…

    So the world as we know it is on fire about Vista. Some folks hate it! Some folks love it! Some say it won’t make it in the long run, others say it will. Recently Dell customers forced the company to step back to Windows XP because of a range of issues with Vista. If I were them I would demand...
  9. G

    Can only get limited connectivity in Vista when trying to connect to the internet

    I can't seem to get connected to the internet on my Windows Vista HP laptop. I've recently subscribed to the Cell C data promotion and connect using the supplied Huawei E1820 dongle. All I can manage is a local connection only (limited connectivity). I've scoured the internet for a solution...
  10. jes

    Windows 7 surpasses Vista

    Windows 7 surpasses Vista StatCounter recently said that Windows 7 has overtaken Vista in total market share
  11. D

    What Firewall should I use?

    Hi there! I recently installed Avast! and ZoneAlarm on the same PC but discovered a horrifying truth that they are not compatible... It freezes Vista instantly. I still want to use Avast! But now I need a firewall.... Can you please recommend me on what firewall I should use? I am...
  12. M

    CD/DVD Drive not working

    Hi I got a Acer Travelmate 7730 with Vista Business with Service Pack 2. I have 4gig ram with the 32 bit OS. I dont recall anything out of the ordinary but when I checked my computer, my CD/DVD does not show up. I tried going to device manager and nothing shows up. I tried scanning for...
  13. T

    WIFI Connection issues

    Hi, I've been having problems with wifi recently. Various computers running mainly xp and Vista. It seems to be a WPA problem, as when I encrypt things work fine. However, with encryption enabled the connection keeps dropping. This has happened on various routers, at different places. My...
  14. CrzWaco

    Is there a way...

    Is there a way to add a password on a file in Vista without having to hide the file. Not talking about the permissions you can set.
  15. D

    Bridge Mode - Vista Error

    If router is configured for PPPoE mode, everything works flawlessly. If router is configured for Bridge mode, Vista PC connects successfully but then disconnects after a few moments. (Error 815) I've read countless forums and threads, can't find a solution. Could it be Norton? Or Vista? Or is...
  16. G

    Plz help. Can't choose operating system

    Hey guys. I've scoured our cyberspace for answers but every site gives another opinion. So I thought if I can't get a conclusive answer from mybroadband forums then I won't get it anywhere. :D I'm purely a gamer and was wondering what o/s would give me the best gaming performance for my...
  17. G

    Samsung i600 modem not detected in Vista

    Hi, Could someone please try help me with this Samsung i600 modem problem? I recently had to buy a new HP laptop which has Vista Home Pro on it. When I try and connect my i600 to the laptop via usb firstly Window Mobile Desktop Connect does not even detect the phone and secondly I cannot...
  18. C

    at the end with this Vista Pc----

    Hey All Im really trying to avoid formatting my pc(Core 2 Duo 3Ghz, 4Gb Ram, Vista 64Bit, 500Gb Seagate Drive) But I dont know what to do anymore with it... It boots, and from the moment its running, whenever I click anything, it hangs, for between 5 seconds to 1 Minute, nothing works...
  19. C

    Vista USB Internet Sharing Poblems

    Hi I have a Windows Vista Home Premium HP laptop. I connect my Samsung Omnia via usb to the laptop in order to use the Internet Sharing of the phone to gain access to the Net. My problem that I recently found out is that Vista is always dropping this USB connection to my phone. So I would...
  20. D

    Vista HDD - Cannot explore as external drive

    Hi Guys I have a Vista Laptop that refuses to boot - It bluescreens. I need to get My Documents from the hard drive. So, no worries - I remove the hard drive and put it into my external drive housing (SATA), and try browsing it from my XP Desktop. Great, I can browse everything...