1. R

    Windows Vista Test Run - Why not?

    I've received a Vista Ultimate Edition disc from work - I'm going to install and test at home for development purposes. Are there any caveats, warnings ("Don't install" doesn't qualify, I'm afraid ;)) etc. that I should know about before the time? I use Thunderbird, Firefox, Visual Studio 2005...
  2. LazyLion

    Suppliers report: One Third of all machines being downgraded to XP No surprise really. Probably a third of machines being sold do not meet the hardware requirements of Vista. Microsoft's fault is to allow Vista to be offered to underpowered systems. But it does...
  3. D

    Windows 7 M2 *LEAKED* check it out Windows 7 Vistaz Succesor Codenamed blackcomb Milestone 2 was leaked on a torrorent site download link up top enjoy
  4. M

    "Vista Users Just got a lot more Hackable"
  5. rpm

    Windows Vista’s unfair rap

    Windows Vista’s unfair rap
  6. |tera|

    How to get help with Windows Vista issues.

    The Linux trolls and zealots make it next to impossible to have a coherent thread with Vista related issues. They post stupid comments, derail the threads and generally act like 2 year old's. Here's a few Tech Support forums which you can register on to get the help you need. Be specific with...
  7. G

    One question

    hey guys. thanks for all the ppl posting here. i found so many solutions. im a bit of noob when it comes to networking so i was just wondering the following 1. Does the Telkom mega 105wr support half-bridge? (i know it might have been answered somewhere else but search yields nothing. 2...
  8. LazyLion

    Microsoft tells Business Customers not to wait for Windows 7 What???:eek: what does that mean? :confused: Windows 7 is going to be a "superset" of Vista? Does that mean it is going to be based on Windows Vista, or a lot like Windows Vista? Or more of Windows Vista? :( If that is the case... I am...
  9. M

    Old CD's and Windows Vista

    Hey guys, did a quick search and didn't find any results, hope someone can help I've recently upgraded to Windows Vista Ultimate from XP (clean install) and 2/3's of my old cd's don't read in Vista (all of them read fine on my XP laptop.) I just get an "insert disc" message and the cd's get...
  10. d0b33

    Allow MCE remote to control DSTV PVR?

    I got the Microsoft MCE remote and wonder if it's possible to control DSTV's PVR decoder with it? Another question is are program guides available for Vista Media center?